Does Your Writing Pass the Read Test?

June 23, 2020 • written by

The reading test is a simple test for your writing.

You don’t need an editor or internet access.

You don’t need someone else to check your writing.

All you need for this activity is you have to read what you have written.

All you have to do is…

Read your writing aloud.

Listen to how it sounds.

Are you happy with how the sentence sounds?

Do you feel that this is exactly what someone who speaks English well would say?

Did you understand the message immediately?

Will this be understandable to a fourth-grade kid?

Will, your grandparents, understand this?

Does the arrangement of words flow together like a song?

Does the choice of words make sense?

Are the words easy to say?

If something is awkward…

You are allowed to change the words.

If the words are too advanced, use simpler words.

If you need to catch your breath, shorten your sentences.

Avoid long sentences.

Long sentences are difficult to write, edit, correct, and read.

Long sentences require superior rapping skills to recite.

You have to read your words aloud and listen to how it sounds.

Break down long paragraphs.

Break down long sentences.

Use simpler words.

Avoid legal terms.

Avoid words like herewith, reside, and noted.

Those words make you sound like a legal office bitch.

Reading aloud takes courage because other people may hear you speaking.

And if you say something wrong, people might laugh at you.

And if you NEVER read your sentences aloud, you will NEVER recognize the problem.

All the mistakes will NEVER be fixed.

You will NEVER be confident at speaking.

If you fix one sentence today and kept going, you’ll fix 30 sentences this month.

If you kept going, you’d fix four hundred sentences this year.

Do you want to sound bad for a few moments or speak poorly forever?

If I can do it, you can do it too.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

If you made it this far, you should introduce yourself.

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