Call Center Training Tips is a website that teaches communication skills, customer service skills, sales skills, interview tips, and job application tips.

Call Center Training Tips is the largest collection of lessons about call center career advice.

Originally shared with four friends, this website grew into my personal library of career advice.

My goal is to inspire you to build professional skills that will allow you to achieve your dream income.

My name is Kevin.

I’ve been helping friends get hired in a call center since 2005.

I began publishing my lessons in 2012.

The Story Behind Call Center Training Tips

This is the website that I wish existed when I started looking for work.

I wrote the lessons that I wanted to read.

I originally wrote the lessons on this website to help friends get hired in a call center.

Many of my friends, including myself are introverts.

I decided to write and organize the lessons instead of spending hours explaining to each friend how to get hired.

My writing process

I ask and answer questions on my notebook.

I share my most interesting thoughts here and on Facebook.

This website now contains a lot of lessons and stories that changed my life.

I spend several hours every week writing and publishing new lessons.

I read everything again and again so I can refine and adjust the old lessons.

How I discovered the secret to getting high paying jobs

I’ll share with you how I discovered the secret to getting high-paying jobs.

It all started when I accompanied my friends to interviews between 2004 and 2009.

We practiced answering interview questions, tested different approaches on how to answer, shared notes, and discussed how to learn from each other’s mistakes.

I assisted my friends until they got hired.

It usually took us four to six call center companies until they got hired.

We celebrate with pizza and beer when they finally landed a job.

I worked for a call center training school in 2005.

I assisted students with the enrollment process and shared job application tips upon graduation.

Over the years, my experience, research, and the mistakes I made led me to accumulate a massive amount of lessons.

What you’ll learn

On this website, you’ll find lessons on:

Follow my journey and learn from my experiences to increase your chances of getting high-paying jobs.

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute my experience with you.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning as I much as I enjoyed writing and putting this website together.

Website maintenance by Kevin Olega.

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About Kevin Olega

I’m Kevin Olega, the guy behind Call Center Training Tips.

I work as a web development project manager and online business manager.

I enjoy writing, creating websites, learning new things, and meeting new people on my free time.

When not at work, I walk my dogs, lift weights, cycle, and practice Brazilian Jiujitsu.

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