Call Center Training Tips is the largest collection of lessons about call center career advice.

Originally shared with four friends, this website grew into my personal library of career advice.

The goal is to inspire friends build professional skills that will allow you to achieve your dream income.

I wrote the lessons that I wanted to read.

This is the website that I wish existed when I started looking for work.

We have a small Facebook community.

My name is Kevin.

I’ve been helping friends get hired in a call center since 2005.

I began publishing my lessons in 2012.

My lessons already helped hundreds of Filipinos get hired in a call center.

A few hundred Filipinos sent me letters and messages.

Strangers on the internet are thanking and informing me of their success.

Most messages tell me that they are already hired in a call center.

Thank you for the tips.

Some readers went as far as sending me gifts.

Some had sent cash donations to help keep this website running.

Some readers hired me to assist them in their job application or promotion.

I spend several hours every week writing and publishing new lessons.

I read everything again and again so I can refine and adjust the old lessons.

I ask and answer questions on my notebook.

I share my most interesting thoughts here and on the on the Facebook page.

This website contains a lot of lessons and stories that changed my life.

I originally wrote the lessons on this website to help some friends get hired in a call center.

I was thinking that instead of explaining how to get hired for a few hours to each friend one by one, I decided to just write the lessons down.

This website was designed with shy Filipinos in mind.

Most of my friends, including myself are introverts.

A few years ago I accompanied friends to interviews.

I gave them ideas on how to improve.

I assisted them until they got hired.

It normally takes us four to six call center companies until they get hired.

When they got hired, we celebrate with pizza.

I also receive free beer.

In 2005, I worked for a call center training school.

I assisted students with the enrollment process.

I gave the students job application tips upon graduation.

Over the years, the mistakes, experience and research led me to accumulate a massive amount of lessons.

You’ll find lessons on how to improve confidence, speak better English, present well during interviews and job hunting strategies on this website.

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute my experience with you.

I’m excited that you’ll pick up something useful.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning as I much as I enjoyed writing and putting this website together.

Website maintenance by Kevin Olega.

About Kevin Olega

I’m Kevin Olega.

I’m the guy behind call center training tips.

I work as a project manager and virtual assistant to various foreign entrepreneurs.

I enjoy writing, creating websites, learning new things, and meeting new people on my free time.

I’m from Paranaque City and I worked mostly in the Makati and Ortigas area.

Here’s what I’m doing now.

Here’s 100 sentences about me.


Here are some things about me.


Some Common Questions

Who are your readers?

I get a lot of messages from shy Filipinos from all over the Philippines.

I also get messages from Filipinos from around the world.

Many of my readers want to work in a call center.

Some readers want to read free lessons.

Some readers want to connect with another person for English lessons.

What is the best way to ask for your help?

First, read my “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Next, read “How To Ask Mentors For Help.”

Who pays for all this?

I do.

Every now and then I receive offers from people who want to pay me to assist them with their job application.

Every now and then, I receive donations on the site.

I use the money to buy tools and pay for this website’s maintenance.

I spend some buying books on learning and teaching.

I pay 100% of the website hosting, yearly domain registration, web tools, hardware, and software needed to maintain the websites using my own money.

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What kind of help do you need?

I need a little help paying for the site.

Hosting costs have increased over the years and I also pay someone to check my posts and assist with the editing.

I’d love to get a new design for the site.

I hope someone this site has helped gets to read this and consider contacting me to make a contribution.

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My Call Center Training Credentials

I grew up with the reputation of having horrible communication skills.

I’m not an English major.

I’m not a communications graduate.

I only had one year of college.

Despite these disadvantages, my studies have allowed me to qualify for jobs that require a higher level of communication skills.

I have four years of call center work experience.

I have two years experience assisting in the call center training school.

I consider this a blessing because several call centers accept high school graduates and only a handful of strict ones require two years or a degree in college.

I’m a kinesthetic learner.

That means I learn about things through active research, personal experience, and the help of people better than me.

What I offer on this website are about my personal experience.

The lessons are a documentation of strategies and stories of how I helped myself.

Occassionally I share about how I assisted a few friends get hired in a call center and other high paying jobs.

I spent a lot of time studying strategies on improving confidence and communication skills.

I am not an expert in grammar, pronunciation or accents but I’ve improved mine to a point where nobody complains about it.

I spent the last fifteen years working in jobs that require high-level communication skills as a primary requirement.

I teach how I communicate and the story behind my techniques.

My training focus on:

You can read all the lessons here for free.

This is my primary form of community service.

How did this interest start?

In 2005, I worked for the pioneer call center training school in Quezon City.

I secretly went through the job application process of well-known call center companies to understand qualifications for call center work.

My research became the base material for how to find work in a call center.

Unfortunately, the owner of the company migrated and the school closed down in 2009.

Outside the call center school, I worked on improving my strategies for personal use.

I had bad communication skills and continued my research to fix my own problems.

Eventually, I taught my friends how to get call center work.

I’ve been giving away these lessons and tips for over fifteen years already.

Read Full Story: Interest.

You can also hire us to help you through personalized English lessons.

Website History:


2010 - 2013


2013 - 2016

Customer Service Award


I was able to save up for my dream gadgets with my call center money.


I took this photo of myself on the day I promised myself I’ll recover from my depression.




Top Agent Part Two


This allowed me to jump to better opportunities.


UPDATE 2013:

I eventually worked in a call center. I have been working in a call center for three years. In my first year, I almost failed regularization. My new boss told me that my previous boss recommended me for termination. He didn’t stop there though. He helped me identify my strengths and overcome my weaknesses and eventually I got regularized. The next month, I was awarded top agent for customer feedback. The following year, I was awarded top agent again for the most number of repair calls converted into sales. Using the same method my boss taught me, I just got really better at what I did. If you’re interested I can also teach you. Just send me a message.

READ: Full Story.

Update 2016:


Just the part where I was mentioned


link to original video source

TIMESTAMP 6:44-7:40


Show Notes on Tim Ferriss Website

Update 2017:

I have left the call center after three years. I was a top agent twice and was classified super agent for the day.I now work from home taking care of foreign clients with their business. I used the call center money to buy the computers I need for a home-based work setup, I bought the tools to build a beautiful kitchen, I bought a few bikes to take care of my transportation and I enrolled at CrossFit to help manage my depression.

My lessons have helped hundreds of Filipinos get hired in a call center.

Update 2019:

I’m still working remotely (from anywhere). Some days, I work from home, some days, I connect from a computer shop. Some days, I rent an office. I still work out and I’m working on improving my sleep and my health further. I eat a meat-only diet.

Update 2020:

Last December, we launched a six week English learning program and attracted hundreds of students. I spend half my day sending lessons, helping my students improve their communication skills and giving career advice.

Shortly after Mitzi began to help me manage the students and in March, Carla began to help us with answering messages.

I rent a small venue that doubles as my office, studio and personal gym.

I have more free time to write.

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