Frequently Asked Questions

April 18, 2020 • written by

In the last ten years, I have answered thousands of emails from hundreds of people.

This is my part-time job — my community service.

These are the most common questions.

What should I do about my career?

Build your skills and slowly upgrade to a higher paying job.

How do I become a call center agent?

Make sure your English is good.

You are confident at introducing yourself.

You ask questions when you don’t know or fully understand what the other person is saying.

You can give step by step instructions and tell stories that can convince other people to cooperate with you.

Then you attend 16 interviews.

Expect 5 interviews to be bad, 5 job offers to be bad and the last 5 companies to have good job offers.

Sir Kevin…

Just call me Kevin.

I talked about it in detail on this lesson.

READ:Stop Using Sir and Ma’am.

How do I improve my English?

Don’t watch English movies. Here are better ways to use your time.

Read more.

Speak regularly to

READ:Write everyday.

Read “Talk to someone who speaks English well”.

How do I Pass Call Center Training

Read “How to Pass Call Center Training”.

How do I become a top agent?

Read “Keep a work journal and write everyday”.

Read “Study and slowly upgrade your spiel”.

Read “Take better care of your health”.

How do I qualify for higher paying jobs after call center?

Buy a good computer.

Save one year worth of your expenses.

Get fast internet connected at your home.

Make a list of your skills.

Begin offering your service to different companies.

What should I do with my life?

Read “Happy, Smart, and Useful”.

Can you introduce me to (famous person)?

No, sorry. Definitely not on request.

If my friends ask me if I know someone who’s doing what you’re doing, or have a specific need, then I’ll be glad to recommend you. But not if they don’t ask.

Will you promote my thing?

Read “Why I don’t promote”.

Will you invest in my company?

No, sorry. I’m not interested in investing in anything.

Can I use your video / article?

Yes. Anything I put on this website is free forever.

It would be nice if you could credit me and link back to

Will you be on my podcast?

Maybe. Email me a list of questions you’d like to ask.

I enjoy interviews when the questions are interesting, and haven’t been covered before.

Here is the archive of my past podcast interviews.

Will you speak at my event?

Maybe. Email me the details.

I’ve got content for your site.

No, this is my personal site.

I can’t focus.

Focus is one of the most important habits you can develop.

The fear of being stuck at low paying jobs had me putting in all my effort to developing my focus.

I make sure that I get enough sleep.

I quit smoking.

I try to eat beef which is rich in protein and fat.

I exercise.

I meditate and used the Headspace app to teach myself how to meditate.

I take a shower at the start of the day.

I take a nap if I need a reset.

I also put my phone inside my backpack if I’m doing something I sincerely need to finish so it sometimes takes me a long time to reply to messages.

Yes it’s hard. Websites, games, apps, and media in general are designed to be as addictive as possible.

I have a boring well-paying job. Should I quit my job to pursue my art full-time?

Read “How to do what you love and make good money” by Derek Sivers..

I’m a full-time artist, but can’t make money. What should I do?

I have a friend who worked in a call center while spending his free time making art.

Eventually he built a reputation and earned good money from his side work.

What do you think of this business idea?

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, except your customers.

Nobody can predict whether it will work or not.

So stop asking “in-theory” because there’s only one way to find out.

Find just one paying customer, and please that person.

Start small and move up slowly as you become more successful.

Where can I find a mentor?

First read “How to ask your mentors for help”.

Then read “A warning to anyone receiving advice” by Derek Sivers.

Read books, meet people, talk to people who succeeded and talk to people who fail.

Why is my progress slow?

I began realizing I had bad English when I was ten.

I have been casually watching English movies and imitating people that I see and talking to friends.

At eighteen, I couldn’t get hired in a call center so I got a job in sales.

I started writing lessons and collecting techniques and skills on my notebook.

My first ten years of work were a mix of failures and a little success.

I have been playing this game every day, grinding for experience and trying to build up my stats.

I kept writing, practicing and trying to improve intelligently.

I started publicly writing in 2010. That’s ten years now.

Keep pushing, and be patient.

How should I learn English?

First, buy a notebook.

  1. Write down your introductions.
  2. Write down your questions. (Questions you want to ask and questions you want to answer)
  3. Write down step by step instructions of all your skills.
  4. Write down your personal stories.

Then share your writing with friends and mentors.

Keep making improvements.

Keep trying to find what’s wrong and make corrections.

Read more.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

If you made it this far, you should introduce yourself.












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