How to Pass Call Center Training

May 14, 2016 • written by

I often get a message that goes something like this.

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for the tips. It helped increase my confidence and I passed both my initial and final interview. We are about to undergo training next week.

Thank you so much.


P. S.  Do you have tips on how to pass the training?

Companies have different training practices.

For some, there’s some English training then product training.

Others jump immediately to product training.

Here are some tips on how to pass the training.

1. Attendance.

Be sure to arrive on time all the time.

The only reason people get fired during the training period is because they are late or absent.

2. Speak English.

Follow the “English Only Policy”.

That’s your time to practice before you start talking to customers.

Remember, call center work involves speaking to Americans in English at a level where your customer effortlessly understands what you are saying, eight hours a day, five days a week.

3. Get enough rest.

Go home immediately after training. 

Don’t go to drinking after training.

Don’t engage in activities that will prevent you from getting eight hours of sleep.

Most of the call center related problems are solved by getting enough rest.

If your problem is comprehension skills, problem-solving skills, sales skills, making the customer happy, AHT, QA or other KPI, most of the time, getting enough rest at home is the best solution.

If you get fired because you did not follow my advice here, getting fired is 100% your fault.

4. Take notes

You can remember important things better if you write things down.

Be attentive.

Write down lessons, questions, tips, and everything important.

Create your own reviewer.

Write down questions.

Ask questions.

Write down answers.

Review your notes.

Taking notes enabled me to transition from the agent who’s “recommended for termination” to “top agent” in less than a month.

5. Pick your friends.

Be wise.

Not everyone you meet is your friend.

Stick to people who inspire you to do better. 

Avoid people who encourage you to do bad habits.

Bad habits have consequences.

Avoid people who borrow money.

Nobody who earns a call center salary who borrows money from a co-worker can be trusted.

Not to sound hypocritical, I have borrowed anywhere from coins to two hundred bucks because I either left my wallet in the locker, got robbed or pickpocketed (yes, this happens), or didn’t have cash on me and had to pay for something but paid all the time.

Most people who borrowed money from me in the call center haven’t paid me back.

To name a few, there are Edsil Pastoral, Gian Baylon, Charlon Harvey Ocampo Punla,Zenneth Hizon, Russel “Raj” Ylannan, and a lot more people owe me a significant amount of money. One of these people have also stolen my wallet, phone , and iPod.

Most of these people never paid me back, have stopped responding to my messages and have just disappeared.

Even if they give you their ATM it’s easy to get the bank to replace that and escape you.

A legitimate loan is made with the bank. If that person genuinely sees you as a friend, they will never borrow money from you.

6. Learn from the best

I usually sit next to top performers, listen to them, take notes and copy what I can.

Some of these people, I ask for advice but in the end, I ask the trainer , and team leader what I can , and can’t do.

Only your team leader can be trusted as far as keeping your job goes because these people’s performance is based on how well you perform.

Following these tips will let you avoid the five thousand peso penalty.

I’m not talking about training bonds.

The five thousand peso penalty is a result of getting fired and having to look for another job.

I usually spend five thousand pesos if I’m looking for a job, that’s money to print out resumes, transportation and food for going to interviews, getting my documents like NBI clearance, and going to work until I get my first paycheck.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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