You Need Energy To Succeed

May 13, 2016 • written by

Back when I was performing at work poorly my boss keeps telling me I lack energy at the office.

I didn’t understand this until much later.

After I paid close attention to my energy level I was able to do my job really well.

Energy influences your ability to get things done.

Energy is a by-product of properly maintaining your body.

If you want to improve your energy,let’s start by taking a better look at your body.

1. Sleep.

You need to get enough sleep.

How many hours are you getting?

I was living on six. 

Gradually I moved to getting seven. 

Now I sleep eight to nine hours a night.

Lack of sleep is often associated with a lack of self-control and often bad decisions.

Get enough sleep.

2. Food.

You need to eat right. 

Get enough green leafy vegetables.

Eat some eggs and meat.

You don’t need sugar,  rice, potatoes and bread for breakfast or lunch because it makes you sleepy.

I usually eat rice before going to sleep.

Test it yourself.

3. Posture.

How you carry yourself influences your attitude.

If you sit or stand like a loser you will act like a loser.

Sit straight.

Stand straight and you’ll act like a confident person.

You’ll look better, your energy will increase and your back will thank you.

4. Breathing.

Take deep breaths.

Start your day by taking ten really deep breaths.

Form a habit of doing so then some time in the middle of the day take a breath break.

I do this before I eat and I don’t need to drink as much.

5. Water.

I often forget to drink water.

Often I find myself feeling hungry when in fact I’m just thirsty.

You know how you need eight glasses of water?

Get enough water in your body.

That said test what you learned and observe how you’re feeling.

Do you feel better?

Do you have more energy?

If not, look at the list again and see what you missed.

Make corrections and I wish you well.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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