Why You Should Sing and Pray During The Versant Test

September 17, 2018 • written by

“Is it true that you don’t have to say anything when the timer starts you can read the lyrics of the song or any prayer?”

I get this question a lot.

I often respond with another question.

If you were applying for a job and getting this job would mean that you could provide your family everything they need.

Not getting this job would mean that you wasted two full days in the job application and five hundred pesos that your relative loaned you so you can go to your interviews.

Then you found out that I was competing with you for this job and there was only one slot left for the training batch.

You’re not hired yet.

Since you took the test before I did, you knew the questions and I had no idea what the questions are.

Would you have given me good advice on how to pass the tests knowing that I may get hired instead of you?

What would you do?

End of question.


This is the DUMBEST advice that I have heard.

The Versant is a screening process in many BPO companies.

The primary purpose is to check your English skills as well as the quality of your voice through the microphone because if you’re applying for call center work, you are going to wear a headset eight hours a day, five days a week for the rest of your call center career talking to Americans during the Evening and Graveyard shift Manila time and that includes weekends and holidays.

That said, they want to make sure you sound okay over the microphone.

Now if the Versant test is your biggest fear about the screening process, then Versant is the least of your problems.

Most people blame the Versant test why they fail in a call center.

The biggest problem of people is speaking in English correctly and confidently.

There are people who failed the Versant test and still got hired in a call center.

Bad recording?

If the recruiter established that you are great at speaking in English, you are confident, you speak well and are professional in the initial interview, then you fail the Versant test, one of these two things will happen.

  1. The recording was bad because of a hardware problem. The mic is probably broken and you’ll be asked to repeat the Versant test.
  2. The recruiter, thinking that this is the problem is the headset, will think that a repeat of the Versant test is a waste of time because you speak well, will just ignore the Versant results and still hire you.

How to Pass the Versant Exam

Step 1: Identify the instructions.

What’s the instruction on the exercise?

Read it carefully.

If the instructions are in audio, listen carefully.

Step 2: Follow the instructions.

Here’s the thing. If the instruction is to read the lyrics of a song then you read the lyrics of a song.

If the instruction is to say something about an experience, then you talk about that.

If the instruction is to talk about what you are wearing and discuss why you chose to wear what you are wearing then talk about that.

Step 3: Speak loud and clear

Take a deep breath, smile then talk.

Read the question out loud if you need time to think of an answer.

Rephrase the question and say you are thinking of an answer if you need to stall and you see the time running out.

The Versant exams are really simple to follow.

What is evaluated is how you say words and not the tiny details of your specific answers.

Now sometimes the process can be a little fast if it is your first time, that’s okay.

If you fail one or two job applications because of the Versant exams, then that’s fine.

You’ll get another chance.

If you keep failing your Versant exams then you really need more practice in speaking in English.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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