Cost of Getting Hired in a Call Center

August 22, 2018 • written by

Many people fail their job application because of poor preparation.

Many fail because of poor English skills and confidence.

More people fail because they lack the resources to follow through.

I believe in being responsible for your outcome.

I don’t believe in leaving everything to chance.

I’ve met people who lost job opportunities and actual jobs because they lack the resources to proceed to the next step.

When I say resources, I don’t mean anything big.

In a lot of cases, there’s no extra money to take a cab or a Grab to avoid being late.

There are a lot of situations where an applicant is at the job offer or worse, day one of training but has no money to go to work.

There are lots of reasons.

Many people tell me they have no idea about what they need to do or prepare to get hired in a call center.

Here’s the other part that you need to prepare for.

The expenses part.

I divided this guide into the following stages:

  1. Preparation Stage
  2. Job Application Stage
  3. Pre-Employment Stage
  4. Employment Stage or Pre-Paycheck stage.

The objective of this lesson is not to discourage anyone.

My goal is to reveal what lies ahead so you can come in with your eyes open.

Some of you may think that the numbers that I present are too big and others will think that the numbers I’m presenting are too small.

This is a guide, so you will have a reference of what to expect and everybody’s situation will vary.

Some people have call center buildings within walking distance from where they live or one jeep ride away or whatever so obviously your expenses will cost less.

The numbers presented are based on personal experience at a time that I was applying for a job and I live in Parañaque and working in Makati and Ortigas CBD.

Consider the following details.

Preparation Stage:

Resume Printing is Php 5 per page at 30 copies Php 150.

Online Job Application at a computer shop is Php 200.

ID Photo Php 210.

Prepaid Card Php 500

Total Preparation cost: Php 1,060

Job Application Stage:

25 Walk-in Applications to reach 15 interviews Php 150/day for food and for 25 days is approximately Php 3,750.

Final Interview Php 150/day for 3 days is Php 450.

Contract Signing Php 150.

Total Job Application Cost: Php 4,350.

Pre-Employment Requirements Stage:

NBI Clearance Php 300. Including commute costs.

Medical Php 150. Usually covered by reputable call center company but you have to commute to go to the clinic.

Police Clearance Php 300. Including commute costs.

BIR/TIN documents Php 150. Commute costs.

Total Pre employment requirements Cost: Php 900

Employment Expenses:

Before your first paycheck you’ll need to commute and eat for ten days so expect to spend Php 2,000.

The money you receive on your first payroll will vary depending on company payroll or cut-off procedure so sometimes the first payroll doesn’t get you the full salary on that cut-off. So expect to shell out for expenses for another ten working days. Php 2,000

Total Employment Expenses: Php 4,000.

Total Anticipated Expenses of Getting Hired in a Call Center: Php 10,310.

Expect to spend a little more so prepare around Php 12,000 just to be sure.

I didn’t include rent, expenses for eating at home, groceries or anything else.

I only included the cost of each trip going out at Php 150 per day for pre-hire and Php 200 per day post-hire.

That’s if we presume that you only need to spend that much on fare and food.

When I go out, I do my best to have only one meal and no snacks.

I am fortunate that my family has some snacks and prepares my meals so I saved some money.

Not really.

Their resources were still used in the process.

I added Php 50 per day post-hire because some people need their coffee.

Whenever I feel like quitting my job, I went back to this list of expenses to remind myself of what it cost me to get hired in my current job.

How much did it cost you to get hired?

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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