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My advice for teachers exploring call center work, VA work and online teaching. WATCH VIDEO

Activities that improve your English WATCH VIDEO

Thoughts Why You Need to Shorten Sentences WATCH VIDEO

Giving Grammar Corrections and Harsh Career Advice WATCH VIDEO

Answering Questions About Call Center Work WATCH VIDEO

What to do When You Run Out of Money WATCH VIDEO

The EXACT Story That Will Convince The Interviewer To Hire You WATCH VIDEO

Pronunciation Practice Activity 45 minutes. WATCH VIDEO

Pronunciation Practice Session 30 minutes WATCH VIDEO

Share Specific Goals During Call Center Interviews WATCH VIDEO

What’s Your Expected Salary? WATCH VIDEO

Why It’s Difficult To Answer Interview Questions in English WATCH VIDEO

Giving Detailed Instructions is Valuable WATCH VIDEO

How to Answer Call Center Interview Questions WATCH VIDEO

Write with me for 30 minutes WATCH VIDEO