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How to Get Support

This website is built to help friends who need help get hired in a call center. Eventually, the people I assisted grew into a small facebook community.


Call Center Training Tips Testimonials

“I am a shy person, the first time I went for an interview, I feel like someone is choking me. On the second day, I went to three call center companies, on the third day, I got a job offer. You are correct, the more companies I went to, the more I learned from my mistakes, and the more confident, I became. The best thing about applying in the call center is that the recruitment staff is honest with me about my performance on the interview. I got a no or a yes and didn’t have to wait days or weeks to find out. Thank you for all the training tips. More Power!” - Jomel D.

Kevin Olega’s Testimonial During Call Center Work

I’m not a perfect agent. I’m a consistently improving one though. Here’s a short list of compliment’s I received while I’m at work.

Of all the (company name removed) people I’ve worked with you are by far the most ultimately helpful. - Mr. Kaweseki.

You do not have a heavy Asian accent - Mr. (Name Removed)