How to Always Give the Best Response to Customers - Write the Perfect Spiel

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I always say that call center work is a lot like a career in showbiz.

You get a script and you act the lines out.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to memorize the lines.

And sometimes the script is not very well written.

In some case, the actor has to come up with better lines and deliver an unforgettable scene.

Call center work is exactly like showbiz.

You act out your role and the show must go on.

Here’s how you can make your shows unforgettable.


This step takes a lot of work.

A lot of writing.

But if you do this.

You can become a top performer.

You can be the hero in your call center.

And not by luck.

You can be a consistent top performer.

What do you need to do?

You just need to write things down.

I’m shy and not very intelligent.

So I write things down and practice until I get better.

The call center show is a long show.

It plays on every shift.

And while your first several shows may suck.

You can get better.

You can make your customer happy.

You can make your boss happy.

You can finally qualify for those bonuses and earn that extra money and be happy.

How do you make your spiel better?

1. Write down your spiel.

This is a practice mode.

Let’s see if you know the spiel by heart. Just write it down.

I still do this when I’m on a bus or on a Grab on my way to work.

I’m looking for ways to make it better.

Write down the full spiel.

Write down every element.

2. Identify the parts of your spiel.

You have an opening, middle and closing.

You also have the customer hold spiel, returning from hold spiel, transfer to another department spiel, what to say if they ask for a supervisor spiel and so on.

If you’re in customer service or tech support, you’ll have several of these.

Different customer service and tech support situations have different closing spiels.

3. Identify the different situations and calls that require different spiels.

During training, I ask my trainer and my team lead what the top five of the following:

And I write it all down.

At the end of my session, I have at least thirty situations to study.

Easiest to the hardest.

I take care of the easy ones first. Then I break down the hardest and solve it on my end.

4. Rewrite your spiels based on the different situations.

What parts of the spiel are the same on different situations?

Usually, it’s the opening spiel.


Rewrite and separate the opening, middle and closing.


5. Rewrite the spiel line by line and leave three spaces after each line.

We need to break down every element.

My friend is a mechanic and I have experience dismantling the car.

We remove each part and carefully lay it on a clean space to find what’s broken or needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Then we carefully put the engine back.

6. Study each line of your spiel and find problems.

Read each line out loud.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Does this line sound good?

Would the customer be delighted to hear this from me?

How can I say this better?

Think of ways to shorten the sentence.

Think of ways to make the sentence friendlier.

Think of ways to make the sentence less offensive by replacing the sentence with more customer-friendly terms.

7. Carefully combine the elements of your spiel back together.

Write down your spiel again, back into a full call and read it aloud to see if there are any problems with it.

Repeat the previous steps if you find another problem.

8. Add the proper emotion and tone of voice to your delivery.

You should sound professional over the phone.

You should also sound concerned over the phone.

When greeting, sit or stand up straight.

Take a deep breath and smile before you say anything.

Practice adjusting the volume if it’s too loud or too soft.

Play with it.

How would your favorite actor or character take the call?


You’ll do a lot of writing.

You might even finish two or three notebooks.

But it’s all worth it.

My company paid to be an extra seven thousand a month because my customers are delighted after talking to me.

My customers are usually angry and frustrated and often at the end of their patience but I managed to brought them back and became top agent for customer service client feedback.

My customers have no intention to buy anything but I became top agent for sales.

My team leader called me super agent because I have the highest stats for the whole site of Comcast for the whole day.

Highest number of perfect customer feedback.

Highest number of sales.

Best AHT.

Highest QA score.

The extra bonus that I got from the sales is one thousand to three thousand a week.

On a good month, I made an extra nineteen thousand on top of my already high salary.

On an okay month, I made an extra twelve thousand.

This allowed me to save the extra money and buy a good laptop and eventually start my own business working from anywhere.

So if you want to make the most amount of money from your job.

You just have to invest in a few notebooks and start writing.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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