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Here are some modern computer skills that you want to include in your collection of computer skills.

Research Reflex

If I don’t know the definition or pronunciation of a word, the first thing that I do is to Google the definition of the word.

If I’m not familiar with a term, I do a search first.

Most photos can be found online.

Most how to guides can be found online.

Most recipes can be found online.

Almost anything can be learned on the internet because the smartest people in the world share their knowledge here.

I even got to listen to Harvard Lectures and virtually sit in at Law School classes.

The more specific, your question, the more specific the answer.

For example. The most annoying question I get is please give me some tips.

However, I enjoy receiving the question.

I reach the final interview but I failed and I’m not sure if my answer on why I left the company is good enough for the interviewer. Can you give me some tips on how to improve it. My current answer is…

How to do a Google Site Search.


So if you’re looking for tips on resume on this page. resume

If you are looking for interview tips: interview

If you are looking for confidence tips: confidence

Google Specific Phrases:

If you’re looking for a specific phrase, add the quotation symbol (“) before and after the phrase.

For example, try searching for:

“call center interview questions and suggested answers”

Google Maps

If you’re looking for a place, just try checking Google Maps first.

Email and Skype

Professional communication is done on Email.

Recruiters judge your tech skills by what kind of email address you use.

If your email is Yahoo or Hotmail, they assume you’re old and not very tech savvy.

If your email is a Gmail, or iCloud, they’ll assume you have some technical knowledge.

If your email is your from your own website, they’ll assume you are an expert.

You’ll need to put your email on your resume if you are applying for an BPO job or an office job.

You’ll need to put your skype account if you are applying for “work from home opportunities.”

Google Documents

We don’t use Microsoft Office anymore.

We use Google Documents to send a resume.

Google it.

Send PDF’s

When you attach or email your resume.

You should send it as a PDF instead of a word document.

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