Get Advice From Right People

June 02, 2016 • written by

If you want to become a doctor the most qualified person to give you advice is a doctor.

Not a nurse. Not a medical student. Not someone who studied something different.

Only get advice from people who have what you want.

You want love advice go to someone who is happily married. Don’t go to someone who is single his advice is often useless.

You want money advice get advice from someone who has money. Don’t go to an investment sales person.

You want job advice? Go to someone who is successful at that job.

The advice of your parents only applies if you want to follow their exact same path.

The fruit is a direct reflection of the kind of tree. You can’t get apples from orange trees and it’s the same.

“Don’t get advice from someone who hasn’t successfully implemented the advice themselves.“ -Tim Ferriss

Many of you want to work in a call center. Get advice from people who work in the industry. Don’t get advice from people who are not working in the industry.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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