How To Get Your Desired Salary

May 27, 2016 • written by

I never thought about it this way before.

I was just doing it.

I wasn’t paying attention but I have a rule.

If I’m buying something important I don’t settle for anything unless I have three to five options.

The same thing goes for job interviews.

I don’t normally take a job unless I have three to five job offers in place.

Interviewers will try to negotiate your salary down. They don’t do it to be mean. They do it because it’s their job.

How do you justify a higher pay? It can be previous pay. It can be experience.

If you have neither, the last thing that you can use is an offer from another company.

Now some people might lie about this. I can’t lie.

If I do lie, you can see it in my face. So I don’t.

What I do instead is, I really try to get a lot of job offers before accepting one.

My service goes to them most interesting job with the highest pay.

In the end you can’t force a company to pay you higher.

What you can do, instead is find a company that’s willing to pay you higher.

That involves going to a lot of interviews.

I go to sixteen interview to find my dream job.

The first five are practice because I know I’ll make stupid mistakes in an interview.

The next five are companies who won’t hire me because of some qualifications issue or I won’t like working there.

The next six are good companies with okay pay who want to hire me.

Maybe three pay less than I want and the other three pays more than I want.

In the end I’ll pick the one I like best.

Having options enable you to negotiate.

Having no options will force you to only take what is being offered.

Apply more and get what you want.

“The amount of success and happiness you will have in your life is in direct proportion to how many uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have” -  Tim Ferriss

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