Customer Service Sentences

September 06, 2019 • written by

Thank you for calling.

My name is Kevin.

How can I help you?

I understand that you are calling about your service.

Don’t worry, you have reached the right person.

I’ll be happy to assist you with your concern.

I just need to retrieve your information so I can assist you further.

May I have your name and account number?

May I have your name please?

Thank you Mister Smith!

I just need to make sure that I’m looking at the correct account.

May I have your complete address?

Thank you.

We seem to have an issue with the line.

I’m having some difficulty hearing you.

Are you using a landline or your cellphone?

Would you be able to move to a location that has better reception?

Thank you.

I hear you loud and clear now.

Are you able to hear me loud and clear?

I just need to verify your details to secure the account.

May I have your phone number and the last four digits of your social?

May I have your email address?

Can you spell that out for me?

Just to make sure that I have the correct one.

Practice this

Thank you!

I’m just waiting for the rest of your information to load up on my screen.

Please stay on the line.

I want to make sure I get your issue resolved.

May I have your call back number in case we get disconnected?


By the way, on behalf of our company, I wanted to apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing with regards to the issue but you don’t need to worry.

I’ll be able to assist you with this specific issue.

And we’ll make sure that everything’s working before I let you go.

By the way, while I’m waiting for the information to load, can you tell me more about the issue that you’re experiencing?

When did you first notice that your service stopped working?

What steps have you done to try to fix your connection?

When did you begin to notice the problem.

I’m sorry, can you say that again please?

What happened after you did some troubleshooting steps?

I just wanted to check, is your computer plugged in and turned on?

Can you load up the website and read to me what you see on the status screen?

What does it say?

I see.

Thank you for your help.

I’ll begin running my troubleshooting tools to work on your service from our end.

I’ll need a couple of minutes to review your account.

Please stay on the line okay?

I’ll just need to research some information and verify details with a supervisor.

I’ll put the call on hold for a few minutes.

Please stay on the line.

Thank you for waiting.

I can see that you made a payment last week.

We have applied the changes to your account.

Your service is now restored.

Can you check from your end so we’re both sure that everything is working?

Is it working now?

That’s awesome!

I’m really happy I was able to assist you today.

If you ever need additional help, I just wanted you to know that we’re open 24 hours a day seven days a week to assist you.

And if you’d ever wanted to upgrade the service, we have new offers available.

Thank you for calling.

Have a great day ahead.

Have a good evening.

Have a great week ahead.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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