6 Things I Did Right - That Got Me Hired In A Call Center

September 25, 2012 • written by

I made a lot of mistakes when I was looking for work in a call center.

Despite my disadvantages and my errors I got hired in a call center.

Looking back here are some of the things that I think I did right that got me hired in a call center.

1. I spoke in English All the time

I texted my friends in English.

I talked to my mom, my brother and my half- siblings in English.

I spoke more often to my English speaking friends.

I watched English shows and read English books.

Later on since I can’t talk to anyone during my commute to my interview I talked to myself in my head in English practicing my answers.

2. I tried to improve

I knew I wasn’t perfect.

The fact that I’m not hired yet means I can do better at what I’m trying to do.

When I figure out how this works then it will be worth it but until I do I have to keep trying.

3. I went with friends

I also had some friends who were looking for work.

The truth was I was scared and I didn’t know what to do so I joined them to apply and printed two copies of my resume.

We ended up visiting three companies and I didn’t get to submit mine to the third company.

Despite that we moved forward for two days.

We went to the big ones in Makati then Ortigas.

It was a fun experience and while I didn’t know what to do I had someone with me who had experience walking in and submitting her resume to reception and knew a few call center companies in different buildings.

4. I made new friends

Both of the girls I was with when I applied didn’t join me on the fourth day.

One of them got hired and one of them just gave up.

We weren’t that close because I just met them through a friend in a random late-night drinking session.

Despite that I had to get hired so I went out on my own.

I was a chain smoker then.

I was trying to copy Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) from the movie Fight Club.

So I made friends with people who worked in the call center and the cute girls beside me in the applicant’s waiting area.

I strategically seated myself to the cutest one or the person whom I feel had the highest chance of getting hired.

I told them it was my first time to look for work then we swapped tips, notes, experiences and most importantly what call center companies we’ve applied at already and it’s location.

That way I never ran out of places to go to.

I went down to smoke with them within interviews.

I met a few who were really pretty and some of them became my friends.

In fact one of the girls I met was the one who coded my first few websites for close to free and I’m forever thankful for her help.

5. I kept asking for help

Whenever I get the chance I would tell my interviewer or some call center employee in the smoking area that it was my first time looking for work and I was hoping they could give me some tips.

They would then give me a short-list of things to improve that I would then practice to get better.

I would also ask interview tips from people I looked up to that had awesome jobs and learned from them.

Most people are more than willing to help so keep asking.

If nobody helps you out, then I’m here.

Ask me.

6. I kept applying

I met several people in my job hunt and a lot of them didn’t get hired in a call center.

I took note that they gave up between call center company number three and call center company number five.

Before I set out to look for work my parents warned me that the competition was tight.

Later I learned a big secret.

The competition quits too early.

I’ll win by default because I’m only competing with a few.

It takes me 16 interviews to get a decent job offer.

If I push for 20 interviews I get awesome job offers.

That’s been my ratio.

Sometimes I get a job offer after interview number three but I realized that the salary was too low or the culture doesn’t fit what I’m after so I look at four more offers.

There’s no other way to fast track getting hired than getting your foot in the door and submitting your resume.

At first we said I wanted to apply as a call center agent.

Later the smarter move was to say I wanted to apply as a customer service representative or sales representative.

I had no idea what call center work was until I found out from smoking with call center agents.

(I don’t recommend you smoke.)

If you’re a girl make friends in the washroom or something.

If you’re a non-smoker make friends in the applicant’s waiting area or so.

Just keep applying ask questions and get better.

What are the things that you did right that got you hired in a call center?

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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