Why Asking Questions and Small Talk Are Important in Interviews

April 25, 2014 • written by

Interviewers ask a lot of the same questions every day of their lives. What sucks about it is that they are bored and that they know that people are insincere with their answers. They expect to not hire 95 percent of the applicants that they meet so they are just skimming through the applicants that are not good and pay attention only to the good ones that they will be hiring. If you don’t get their attention and give a good impression by keeping them engaged, then nothing will happen to your application. Your resume will get tossed in the bin.

In the past ten years I have a guideline since I started looking for work.

If I answered yes to all three questions I’m sure to get a job offer. I have been self evaluating my applications for the past ten years and whenever I get a yes to all three I’m good with a job offer.

All I do is start some small talk by asking questions.

Building rapport involves finding common ground.

I look for something I like, ask about it and give a compliment. We talk about smart phones (people are always proud of their phones) bags for girls and so on. I pick something interesting in their office like a toy collection or a book or a random item.

I’d like to get to know my interviewer too. I ask about where they’re from. Their school perhaps. How long they’ve been working there.

Then I tell them how excited I am and sometimes throw in a few more questions.

I need to know about the job and the people who are hiring me. That’s just how I believe things should go.

I see the interviewer as a potential ally who will help me get hired in a call center. If I don’t win their heart then I can’t expect their vote or support.

Asking questions and small talk give me a higher chance of getting hired. What’s your experience?

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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