How to Prepare for Opportunities

February 23, 2013 • written by

How can GMA, PNOY and the next president can help you in your career?

GMA is known for putting together several deals that led to call center boom.

PNOY is known for cleaning up the government.

Presidential candidates often promise the masses the moon and the stars and as a result we wait for the country to progress so our life will be better.

I was born in 1985.

I don’t recall anything the president did that directly benefitted me.

One day, after watching Blade 2, I took the LRT to practice martial arts at the Philippine Women’s University, the ticket booth lady told me that I didn’t have to pay because it was GMA’s birthday.

Other than that story, I don’t recall anything. Wait I think that GMA’s program for long weekends are awesome because I got to stay at home longer.

If there’s a direct contribution to you that a president had made please correct me in the comments.

Here’s the thing.

We are all waiting for progress.

What are you doing to prepare for things get better?

For a long time, I believed that I will need to concern myself with these things when things get better.

The question we should be asking is what are we doing to prepare ourselves for opportunities?

If a friend is offering to sell you her brand new iPhone 5 for Php14,000 do you have money to buy it right now and sell it to make a few thousand pesos more?

If a friend told you that they are looking to fill a specific opening in their company and the pay is more than double of your current salary, are you prepared to present yourself well in the interview?

Do you have the skills for it?

I have a friend who never left her low paying job.

She told me she’ll practice English when she gets the chance.

That was eight years ago.

Last Friday I was making cookies and invited her over.

The conversation led to the “preparation talk”.

Guess what?

Eight years later, she had the same answer.

Eight years after, her situation is the same.

Before thinking about the country’s economy, learn to take control of your personal economy first.

What resources do you lack right now and what are the solutions?


look for expenses that you should stop spending on, spend on what you want and need instead if mindlessly throwing away your money.


compute how many hours a day you spend on Facebook, TV or on drinking sessions.

Omit as much time as you need so you can spend more time on what matters.


start reading about the skill you want to learn online for free.

As interest increases, consider buying a book or paying someone to teach you the skill.

Start small and practice everyday.


spend more time with people who have what you want and learn from them.

I have friends who speak in English all the time so I spent more time hanging out with them.

Everything you have in your situation right now is a preparation for the next one. What are you doing to prepare for it?

Note: I wrote this lesson to inspire my readers who have goals of improving their situation but are not ready to take the leap. The best you should do is to prepare right now. Either way you benefit whether you push through with your application or not.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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