Reader Submitted Tips: From Waiter To Call Center Agent

December 26, 2012 • written by

Hi there.

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you might have noticed how happy I am about receiving messages from readers that the site was able to help them prepare for their job application and get hired in a call center.

A few weeks ago I received a testimonial with a full description of what happened.

I asked for permission to post it because I believe that reading this post will give you ideas on how to get hired.

You might notice some grammar errors and that’s perfectly fine.

I did not edit this testimonial to show you that a person does not have to be perfect to find work.

An acceptable level is fine just be willing to improve a few things as you go along.

So today we’re learning from another reader.

Here goes.

Enter Kit

Hi guys, first of all i want to say thanks to Mr. Kevin Olega who started this website, it’s been 3 months since i started reading his posts, and it was really a great help.

Back then I was still working as a waiter in a 5 star hotel in malate, I was happy with my job, however, I started to realize that my salary is not enough, I’m the bread winner, and my salary is really not enough to support our needs, so I thought of working in a call center, i heard rumors that call center industry has many benefits, and they compensate high…

First I started to apply in a career hub in STA. MESA, at first I was so nervous, I’m a friendly person, so I started to talk with the other applicants to get rid of the nerve tattering time while waiting for my name to be called, and finally my name was called, it was a panel interview, and I’m not confident with my English comm. Skills, waaaaaahhhh, then my name was called again, I stood up, smiling with the interviewer, then the interviewer smiled back at me and said hi, then some introductions and then he started to ask me  “TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SELF” and then I answered, im uhmmmm, name im uhmmmmm, location It sounded like I am not sure with what I was saying, ahahaha, In short it was like a disaster,  and then the interviewer asked me again, “what are my strengths and weaknesses” my body froze in front of the other applicants, it was like I am being tortured, I wanted to walk out, it felt like I want to be invisible for a while., then the interviewer repeated the question, WOAH! Then the disaster came true, in the end I was not qualified the comments are, I didn’t sound confident, I need to improve my English Comm. Skills and so on so forth, I just said thanks to the interviewer, I didn’t took it personally…

I was thinking on my way home, I know why I was not qualified, basically I don’t know what to say, i thought that speaking with those foreigners at the hotel for 2 years made me an average speaker, but I was wrong, I started to lose confidence with myself L then I decided to stop trying my luck with the call center industry, then one night, while reading some posts in a forum where I’m a member, I suddenly thought of searching  something that can give me techniques on how to improve my English comm. Skills, then I searched in google, i started typing words related with the topic, and then I found Call Center Training Tips, i started read the topic about ”Call Center Interview Questions and Suggested Answers” then I got interested with the topic I started to think of the question the interviewer asked me, then I realized I was not ready to apply, I should not be discouraged with what happened with my 1st try.

I started to read topics, like how to introduce myself, I also edited my resume just what Mr. Kevin said, followed tips, like watching English movies and learning the American accent, it was fun for me, I ended my contract last August so I stayed at home for 3 weeks reading topics and watching English movies, I contacted Mr. Kevin Olega and inquired about the free training he’s conducting, Mr. Kevin scheduled me for a Training, my schedule of training  is Sunday, and was were supposed  to meet in a mall, it was Thursday, and then suddenly I received a call from a call center in boni avenue, i was invited for initial interview, i was confident and a bit nervous with the call. Then I decided to go since my training with Mr. Kevin is still on Sunday. I went to the interview, I passed the initial interview but then again while on the panel interview I started to get nervous again, OMG, what’s going on, and then everything that I learned from the site was gone, my confidence started to fade away, I was in the state of shock again :D

In the end, I failed again. I was frustrated, the only thing that I was thinking is “what’s wrong with me, am I stupid for not passing that panel interview” my mind was floating, it was still early that day, then on my way home I thought of riding a bus instead of riding the MRT, on my way down the MRT station, there’s this girl who gives flyers about a hiring, I was down that day, then the girl told me that, if I join the interview, even if I don’t pass I will get a free lunch, hehehe “hey, that’s a free lunch” I’m job less, I still have plenty of time to spare, then I tried again that day.

The interview was conducted in a fast food near the mrt station, I passed the initial interview again, i received my free lunch “heheheh, it was good” then I started to read topics again in the website using my phone while on our way to the call center located at quezon avenue, then I was waiting again for my name to be called for the panel interview, but the stuff that I read at the website was still fresh, the things to remember about introducing myself and how do I pronounce words, then I was surprised that I passed, then another interview and I started to regain confidence, then I took the exam, and at last, it was 12am I was in the final interview, one on one with one of the account manager, I showcased my strengths, then at last, I passed, 3 weeks of preparations, reading, watching movies. I was so happy, then morning the next day, I signed contract, it started to get busy, I processed my requirements, started with the training…

Thanks to the website and Mr. Kevin Olega, I am now working in a call center, earning money, and building my career…

Sir thanks for everything, you were really a great help, I will not forget the things that I have learned from you and your website, wish you more power and your website, continue helping people. God bless you.

Please do some editing sir, my grammar is still not good. Thanks :)

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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