Better Opportunities, Best Answers, Neat Resume and Remember Details

March 21, 2013 • written by

I’m starting off with a new series called from the tip collection.

It will contain a list of four short tips on how to get hired and have an awesome career in a call center.

Each post will have four short tips with a really short description I thought about this because I realized that it takes a long time to write a nice post on the topic and that the situation changes for you.

The goal is to provide you with a regular stream of tips weekly.

Find better opportunities by starting your application with stable companies.

Many people ask me what call center they need to go to first.

Start big.

That way whether you pass or fail you will be familiar with the hiring process of big companies.

Another benefit is that you will be more comfortable in the call center environment and you the exposure will make you more confident as you visit each company as you go through new opportunities.

Ask your interviewer at least one question you’re curious about in the call center industry.

When I was new I had no idea about the call center aside from the fact that you make or take calls and answer questions for customers and it has a night shift schedule and pays well.

So, I asked each interviewer one question I’m curious about every opportunity I’ve gotten.

I only had one year in college then so the two most common questions I asked are:

1. Is it really true that you are open to hiring non-college graduates?

(answer: most of them said yes. I went to four call center companies who were snobbish and said no.)

2. Do you have a specific type of people that you’d like to hire?

(answer: they hire people from different backgrounds so it’s hard to pinpoint. As long as you’re able to express yourself in English well, do the work even on night shift’s, weekends or holidays, and are open to shifting schedule and learning new things you are a good candidate)

Bring a nice hard folder to your call center interview.

Resume’s no matter how well written will give off a bad impression about you when crumpled. Avoid folds by bringing a nice hard folder or envelope.

Bring a notebook and take as many notes as possible.

If it’s your first time to apply in a call center, take notes of as many things as possible.

Memory is not too reliable so taking advantage of technology (pen and paper) will give you an advantage over applicants to enjoy pretending they have photographic memory.

Take note of call center names, addresses, interview questions, your answers, the processes, questions you couldn’t answer, the phone number of the cute girl who sat beside you anything.

Use it to write yourself a guide for a better application the next day.

Take notes, review and pick the important. Got additional tips or questions?

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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