How to Get Hired

April 20, 2020 • written by

Here’s what I do whenever I look for work.

I use a four-leg strategy.

I have done this for different positions in the past and I’m sure it will still work.

If you stand on one leg it’s not very stable.

If you stand on two legs, you’re more balanced but still requires some skill and a lot of effort to maintain.

If we go by that logic, if you stand on more legs, you’re more stable and more secure.

Day One and Day Two Strategy

Project 1: Print 30 copies of my resume

Fix and edit your resume. Make sure it has no erros and typos.

Print your resume on good paper and keep it neat.

You need 30 copies.

Here’s the full story why I print 30 copies of my resume.

Project 2: 200 Online Job Applications

Send out 200 online applications to jobsearch websites.

In the past, I used Jobstreet and JobsDB.

For work from home opportunities, I use Upwork and Fiverr.

If you’re not good at using computers, it may take you thirty minutes to send one job application.

If you spend eight hours a day looking for work, you’ll send 16 job applications.

It may take you ten days to finish sending 200 job applications.

The good news is, you’ll improve your typing and computer navigation skills doing this.

Whenever you look for work, expect to get rejected a lot.

If you’re not getting rejected, you’re not trying.

Here are more details on how I send my 200 job applications.

Project 3: Referrals

I also ask around for friends on Facebook or my recruiter friends via email if they have job openings.

Many of them schedule interview appointments. and walk-ins

I let my friends know I’m looking for work but I never depend on them.

I don’t get a good match all the time when it comes to refferrals but everytime I do, I get an awesome job offer.

Here’s my attitude on referrals.

Day Three Onward.

Project 4: Walk In Applications

I do my best to have 2 or more interviews a day (ideally, one in the morning and one in the afternoon) for a month to get hired as soon as I can.

If I have an interview scheduled in the area, I do a google search and ask friends if they know other companies close to the area and I walkin.

If you are able to maintain doing two job applications a day, you can get to complete sixteen job interview in two weeks.

Here’s what happens when I walk in.

Project 5: Research Potential Employers.

I use Google to find potential employers.

I do a search on a specific area and I submit an online job application and try to see if I can walk in.

I keep a list of companies that I want to work for and companies that I want to avoid.

Result of my journey

At my current skill level, it takes me sixteen interviews to find a job at a company that I like that offers me exactly how much I would like to earn.

Every experience between interview one and interview 16 is a mix of heartbreaking no’s and learning experiences.

Here’s the full story of my sixteen interviews

I try to make the most of what I got.

I set myself a rule that I have no right to complain, give up or quit if I attended less than thirty interviews.

I’m excited to hear from you how this strategy worked for you too.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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