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August 24, 2020 • written by

You can shave away a few steps from the recruitment process.

You don’t have to send your resume online.

The recruiter does not have to paper screen your resume, call you, do a phone interview or phone screen you and schedule you for an interview.

Recruters don’t have to think about whether the applicant show up or not.

You’re there so they’ll prioritize you.

Most call centers have a one-day processes and sometimes half day processes.

So you’ll get your answer if you passed or failed within the day.

That is a good thing.

You don’t spend a few days waiting for the answer.

You can grab an opportunity immediately or move on to the next one if you need to.

How to Walk-In

Here’s what I happens when I use the walk in application strategy.

Just go to a call center building or recruitment area to apply.

Tell the receptionist or recruiter that you’re applying for the open call center post or you’d like to inquire about open positions.

Hand in your resume to the representative.

How To Get Companies to go to.

I ask people that I know.

Even if I only get the name and location of one company, I’ll go there.

I ask the building’s guard and reception if there are other call center companies with job openings in the building.

I’ll be friendly with other people in the waiting area and ask them where they’ve been to and where they plan to go next.

I list down all the company names and locations on my notebook.

Walk-in strategy

If I go to two companies a day, I expect to visit ten companies in my first week.

On my second week, I already visited twenty companies.

If you have twenty interviews, you can expect the following results:

Five you visit companies hate you and won’t hire you.

You’d hate working for five of the companies that you visited.

Five companies love you and you’d love working there.

I go to sixteen interviews before I find the company that I want to work for.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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