Print Thirty Copies of Your Resume

April 20, 2020 • written by

You are supposed to groom yourself well and dress up professionally.

You are also supposed to hand over a good copy of your resume.

Your resume will serve as your business card and advertisement for your services business.

Your details need to be short but interesting.

Remember, if you’re applying for a customer service, tech support or sales position, you need to highlight experience that says you’re a good match for those jobs.

You will talk about your resume with the interviewer.

Spend enough time fixing and editing your resume.

Make sure it has no spelling errors, typos and your contact information (email address and phone number) needs to be correct.

Get help if you have to.

I use Google Docs to type my resume because it is easy to share.

When you’re done save it as a PDF and send it out.

Print 30 copies of your resume on good paper and keep it in a hard envelope to keep it neat.

You need thirty copies if you are seriously looking for work.

My attitude when I print thirty copies of my resume is:

The job application process is a process.

I will win some and I will lose some.

Thirty resumes means I get thirty attempts.

As long as I have a resume in my folder, I need to keep going.

I have no right to complain because I haven’t submitted my resume thirty times.

If an interview doesn’t go well, I am still confident because I have more copies of my resume in my bag and I can go to another company without any problems.

Five copies of my resume will be used at my practice job interviews.

Five copies of my resume will be submitted to companies that don’t match for the job I’m looking for.

Five copies of my resume will be received by good companies that will be happy to hire me, give me an opportunity and pay me what I am worth.

Every now and then, someone I don’t expect will ask for a copy of my resume because they discovered that I am looking for work.

There are situations when the company interviewing me will ask for an extra copy of my resume so I will need to have extra.

Everything does not always go according to plan so it will always be to my advantage that I am always prepared.

Printing your resume at Php 5 per page at thirty copies is Php 150.

Imagine spending Php 150 and in return you can qualify for a job that pays around Php 20,000/month and more if you have more experience.

Don’t start your job application with just three copies of your resume.

Bring thrity.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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