Stories I Wrote Are Easy to Say.

June 24, 2020 • written by

Things I’ve already written have become easy to say.

As you may already know, I’ve developed the habit of writing down things that I’ve said.

I initially only helped people by answering questions on the website.

After answering the questions, I can expand my answers and write future lessons.

My lessons are all about my experience.

When I was working in sales, I noticed that different parts of the conversations repeat regularly.

The situation and topics may change when I talk to different prospects, and many of the things that I say get repeated.

This is also true for dating and social gatherings.

We talk about the same topics.

Then I share more stories about what my conversation partner finds interesting.

There are stories that we share repeatedly.

There are stories that I shared well, and stories that I shared poorly.

A mistake that I make often is I spoil the ending before I tell the story.

To fix this problem, I put some of my stories in writing.

I want to fix the grammar and the structure of the story.

I arrange my story to have a proper beginning, middle and ending.

I can make the story longer or shorter, depending on the situation.

If I’m talking to a friend, date, interviewer, sales prospect, or business owner, in person or through my writing, I can confidently share stories.

When you write down your stories, you can express your point without needing to defend your position.

It’s my unblockable move.

Whenever I’m feeling nervous about a meeting or a conversation, and I’m worried that I’m going to forget to share an important detail, I write everything down.

I write down my thoughts.

I explore what I want to say on paper.

When I’m done writing, I am confident.

I can deliver what I want to say in a meeting or a presentation.

I also do the reverse.

If I feel that I had a meeting where the topics we discussed will be repeated in the future, I write down the story.

I’ll try to recall every detail of that meeting and make an effort to put everything I said in writing.

I use what I’ve written as a template.

I used to feel that writing my stories and reciting what I’ve written is insincere.

I felt that I needed to be more spontaneous, so I avoid writing things down.

Suddenly I had to do this out of necessity because my conversations became too long.

I felt foolish to object to this practice for too long.

I realized I share the same stories all the time.

The only changes are:

After editing, my stories are finally effortless to remember and share.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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