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I was walking around Ayala one day.

I saw a fat guy that had the words at the front that reads “Training sucks.”

A hundred or so thoughts then go through my head.

I remember martial arts training.

I remember sales training.

I remember customer service training.

I remember entrepreneurship training.

I remember culinary training.

I remember the value each of the training I attended had on me.

I remember how each of the skills I had sucked.

I only became decent after training.

I suddenly hated the fat guy.

I found the message on his shirt offensive.

I passed judgment on the fat guy.

I thought the guy is a loser.

I found myself asking, “is that the only thing there is to his message?”

Training sucks?

WTF right?

I looked back at the fat guy as we passed each other.

I wanted to give him another dirty look.

I saw that the back of his shirt had more words.

I was surprised when I saw the continuation of the message.

The continuation was a punchline of sorts.

The back of his shirt read, “but winning is everything.”

I suddenly felt that I could relate to the fat guy.

Training sucks in a lot of situations.

Training is not always enjoyable.

Training will reveal your weakness.

Training will break your bad habits.

Training will give you new habits.

Training fights ignorance.

Training will introduce many new ideas.

Your training experience will almost always be awkward.

You will make mistakes.

Maybe some people will laugh at you.

Here are some trade-offs to persisting in training.

You will learn a valuable skill that nobody can take away from you.

The process of learning a skill is the same for everybody.

All beginners will have to go through the exact same process.

All beginners will need to overcome painful hardships.

That painful experience you’re going through is experienced by all students of the skill you’re learning.

Training sucks, but winning is everything.

Winning is not everything for me.

I’m not willing to do unethical things to win.

Except maybe kick someone in the balls in a fight.

I try not to do so.

But in my excitement, my foot finds its way in all sorts of places.

In this lesson, I don’t want to highlight winning is everything.

I want to highlight the value of training.

Training teaches you the objectives and tasks.

Training also teaches you the skills and steps.

Training enables you to win.

Training teaches you what to do.

Training teaches you what to ignore.

Training teaches you what to do well.

Let me try to explain more clearly.

You get your dream when you achieve your goals.

Goals require the completion of some tasks.

Tasks are accomplished through a combination of skills.

Skills are a combination of techniques.

Techniques are a combination of moves.

Moves are a combination of steps.

Here’s a breakdown of what is needed if your goal is to get hired in a call center:

Three Job Offers

Three job offers are needed to find a great job offer.

A great offer is a job that pays well and has perks that make you happy.

You can aim to have more than 3-5 job offers.

You generally need three to have a point of comparison on what’s great and what’s a bad deal.

Ten good interviews

Ten good interviews don’t mean you automatically get a job offer in the end.

You begin to perform your best after you’ve gone to close to ten interviews.

Close to ten interviews, you manage came prepared,

You delivered your best introduction.

You arrived on time.

You gave them a clean resume.

You explained yourself clearly.

You discussed what makes you a good fit for the job.

You lose some interviews.

Win or lose, you feel great.

You know in your heart that you’ve given your best.

Five bad interviews.

We are not professional job applicants.

This might be the first time you’re being interviewed for a job.

This might be the first time in a long time that you’re attending a job interview.

You may be a bit rusty with your introductions.

You may be a bit careless with some of your descriptions.

You don’t know the area of the interview.

You arrive late or worse.

You arrive at your interview looking like a mess.

There’s an interview answer that you’re convinced would be a good answer that’s actually a bad answer.

You’re not confident with the delivery of your interview answer.

Hesitating with your answer made the interviewer think you’re giving them bullshit.

You haven’t read about how to prepare for an interview.

You forgot something important.

I experience these errors all the time.

I’ve switched jobs enough times to know for sure I’ve messed up.

I’ve messed up at least three interviews every time I switch jobs.

You know those examples I’m giving out?

I’ve had these exact problems.

Every time I make fun of a stupid job applicant, I was actually talking about myself.

I’m a stupid job applicant.

I only realize my stupidity when I’m writing my story.

I also realize the valuable lesson within the story.

I know how to pass interviews well because I’ve encountered many problems personally.

The good news is nobody gives a shit about you.

Nobody cares enough to keep a record of who you are and what your past mistakes are.

The next interview is always an opportunity to do better.

If you’re playing a video game and you die, you can try again.

The same thing happens with interviews.

You might use time and money to play, but you gain experience, and you learn to play better.

List of twenty companies you’re visiting.

It’s hard to remember objectives when you get emotional.

As I’ve said, you’ll make enough mistakes to cause you to want to quit.

You’ll make lots of embarrassing mistakes.

The three hardest words to say in the English language are the words “I don’t know.”

We have an extremely difficult time admitting we are wrong.

I guess the second hardest group of words to say is “I messed up.”

We end up doing dumber things until we reach our lowest point.

Whenever the emotions are high, we end up piling mistakes over mistakes.

It takes practice, a few skills, and lots of reminders to pick yourself up from a fall.

I smoked a lot when I felt bad.

I spend a lot of money when I felt depressed.

We both know those two activities are harmful.

However, when you’re in those situations and you’re overwhelmed with emotions, it’s extremely hard to resist the temptation of harmful activities.

A list of companies tells you that you haven’t done everything yet.

There are still more things that you can do.

If you feel like quitting, and you haven’t crossed off every company yet, tell yourself, “you have more work to do.”

Make a list and visit each company in your list.

Walk-in and submit your resume in person if you have to.

Work on crossing out every company on the list.

Two Hundred Online Job Applications

If you’re looking for a high-paying job, you’ll just need to send out online applications.

Sending online applications is both the easiest step and the reason why most people fail.

Sending online applications is easy to do.

Sending online applications is also easy not to do.

All you need to do here is upload your resume on a job search website.

Do a job search on your target jobs.

Submit your job application to 200 companies.

It will take you maybe two hours to set up your account.

It might take you twenty minutes to review a job opening and submit your resume.

Twenty minutes per job opening is three job applications an hour.

You can send 24 job applications a day on your first day.

You can send 32 job applications a day when you are used to sending your application.

It takes nine days to send 200 job applications if you’re slow.

It takes seven days to send 200 job applications if you’re fast.

A simple resume.

A resume is simply a piece of paper with your contact information, work history, and skills.

Make sure that your resume tells your potential employer what tasks you were responsible for and what results were you were in charge of.

Highlight skills and experiences that you might find useful.

Do not include your personal info like height and weight.

You’re applying for a high-paying job and not as a promo girl.

Money to get started.

If you’re going to quit your job to get a higher-paying job, don’t do so until you can support yourself.

If you have bills to pay or responsibilities due to people you are supporting, don’t quit until you have a job offer.

Do not attempt to change careers until you have enough money.

Here’s my computation, and these are based on my situation.

I live in Paranaque, and I applied for Jobs in Makati and Ortigas.

Some days I spend ₱100 - ₱150 on transportation and ₱50-₱100 on food.

It’s always cool to have extra money for other expenses.

I strongly recommend that you make a computation based on your situation.

I prepared a computation if you want a quick estimate.

One month of expenses means ₱150 for transportation per day plus ₱100 for food per day.

Multiply your expenses by twenty days for a job application and fifteen days for going to work until your first paycheck.


That’s a total of thirty-five days for your job application process and time until your first paycheck.

Other expenses include:

Some people ask me to train them for free because they have zero money.

That’s a bad idea.

I don’t train them at all.

I give links to my website.

My website has all the information.

You just need to spend time reading.

If you have zero money, you likely won’t get hired because you need money to go to work.

At one point, my money went to zero.

To compensate, I looked for a nearby job that paid me ₱200 pesos a day for a few hours of work until I had enough money to look for work in the big city.

₱200 a day the largest drop in pay I’ve experienced, but I did what I needed to do.

Two years later, I was able to negotiate for almost twice my highest salary.

Getting hired in high-paying jobs looks complicated at first.

I want to point out that the impossible project of increasing your income is simply a combination of many tiny tasks that are easy to do.

If you train yourself to do the tasks, you can achieve your goals.

Training sucks, but winning is everything.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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