How to Analyze Habits and Think Like a Boss

November 10, 2014 • written by

Hey guys, here’s a list of questions I ask myself every time I don’t get what I want.

There’s a quote I’ve seen as I was growing up.

It goes something like this.

Be careful of your beliefs they turn into thoughts.

Your thoughts leads to words and actions.

Your actions form habits.

Your habits form your destiny.

Or something like that.

Warning: This is the most judgemental post that I’ve written so far. The objective is not to hurt you but to wake you up and introduce you to practicing good judgement. If you disagree with me you can leave a comment about your thoughts or leave a comment “I demand trial by combat!” and I will erase your from the planet.

If you have a habit of smoking, you will generally have lung cancer.

If you eat until you become obese, you are guaranteeing your death by diabetes or heart disease.

If you have the habit of not saving your money and you spend all that you earn, chances are you also overeat and smoke and drink alcohol, and in case you die, you’ll leave them with expenses on how to dispose your body or medical bills.

Your life had become a curse to them instead of a blessing.

That’s how you duplicate disaster.

If you love your family but you smoke or drink alcohol or you eat like a fat person.

Then you are generally setting yourself up for failure.

You can be genuinely and sincerely loving but if you do the wrong thing you can make yourself or the people around you miserable.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

The human body is a system.

If a system fails, your body dies.

Plain and simple.

You need to identify the parts and learn how to take care of each system and each organ so your body does well.

If it can work for bad habits, it can work for good habits as well.

That’s what bosses do.

In a call center environment, the boss takes the data from a quality analyst and a performance analyst and they look at the results of all the activities so they can see if what they are doing is effective and not effective.

If an activity or a step is effective, they continue doing it.

If an activity or a step is not effective, they do something different.

I’m asking you to think like a boss.

I keep saying this on the website:

To achieve a goal, you need to do tasks.

To do tasks, you need skills.

To gain skills, you learn techniques.

Techniques are a combination of moves.

Moves are a combination of steps.

If you do the right steps properly, you can correct goals.

Everything you have is a result of your habits.

If you don’t have the results that you want.

You need to find out what habits are causing the result that you don’t like?

How often does it happen?

Why do you have that habit?

When does the habit occur?

Is there a trigger for your habit?

Where did you pick up the habit?

If you had to analyze, what beliefs do you need to have in order to have this habit?

What actions are involved in this habit?

What results do you get with this habit?

If you continue doing this habit for six months, what is the consequence?

If you do this for one year?

If you do this for five years?

If you do this for the rest of your life?

Given your answers, how happy would you be or unhappy do you see yourself as a result of this habit?

What is your thought process when you look at this habit?

What needs to be corrected?

What new or opposite habit do you need to have?

What results do you expect to have after the habit has been corrected?

On another end of the spectrum, what beliefs do you need to have to not have this habit?

Please use this and tell me what you think.

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Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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