How I Transformed Myself From Poor Seller To Receiving the Top Agent of Sales Award - Thank You Jeffrey

September 03, 2019 • written by

My main advantage over people I compete with is I’m intentional at continuing my training and education.

90% of the people I’ve met stopped learning after they graduated from college.

I’m always trying to get better.

I’m always buying books and investing in online courses to learn new skills.

I journal.

I have a giant record of notes with everything that I learned.

One balikbayan box of notebooks and notes.

I spend my weekends reviewing those notes and putting together lessons for my website.

I also have secret lessons that I don’t share with anyone.

I rewrite my secret techniques in a physical notebook.

Some of that goes to a text file in a computer that I own that doesn’t connect to the internet.

I just use that to write.

I learned early that the right combination words are like magic spells.

The write words in the write format delivered at the write time can change your life.

A marriage contract is an example.

A deed of sale is an example.

An employment contract is an example.


Money is the most common example.

Just words on paper.

But incredibly magical.

Here’s a story about how I converted words on paper into an extra 12k.

I was talking to our “daddy” co-worker.

He’s a guy in his fifty’s.

We were in the same team.

We were walking to the bus station.

He told me how he sat next to the top performer.


I told him that I sat next to Jeffrey more than a dozen times.

I always pulled out my notebook and copied his lines.

Sometimes, I spent half my breaks, sitting next to him, pretending to just draw but I’m writing down interesting things that he said to the customer.

Jeffrey is really good.

When he offers to sell to the customer, he doesn’t just use the normal spiel.

The customer is enjoying a “Christmas promo.”

Some days, the customer is enjoying a “special birthday offer.”

Some days, the customer is getting a special, end of the week offer.

You get the idea.

Jeffrey has some stupid excuse to pitch to the clients.

Jeffrey has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

He is extremely good at what he does.

He always assures the customer that he will help them.

Even if he’s not sure the request will be granted.

I’ll do my best to get your request processed Mrs. Smith! I’m writing a request that I can submit to my supervisor and as soon as we get it approved, you should get an update on the status.

He writes down the request on the notes in detail.

The call becomes 2-3 minutes longer than allowed.

But he’s able to convert that zero survey score into a 100.

Jeffrey is the most useful customer service agent of Comcast, according to the customer.

Worth it!

I apologize the previous agent got disconnected and was unable to call you back.

But don’t worry, before we continue, please give me your contact number so I’ll be able to reach out to you in case we get disconnected.

“Daddy” tells me that Jeffrey is the ultimate call center agent.

I smile.

I shared with him everything that I learned from Jeffrey.

I even showed me some of the spiels I’ve reconstructed in my notebook.

I told him that it’s incredibly simple.

I recently took a “Superhuman Learning Course” so I learned how to analyze and copy skills with very little effort.

I told him that to achieve a goal, you just need to accomplish a set of tasks.

The tasks require skills to complete the task.

Skills are a group of techniques.

Techniques are a collection of moves.

Moves are a collection of steps.

Steps are incredibly easy to imitate.

So if you can figure out the steps and practice it, you can copy Jeffrey.

I’ve done it for learning how to sell guns, real estate, insurance, corporate services, making websites, learning how to cook and bake, learning how to increase my income, lift 365lbs, CrossFit, cycling, driving and more.

This is a recipe that works for most skills with very little exceptions.

I haven’t failed in anything since I learned this recipe.

He stopped as we were about to cross the street.

He tells me, that all sounds good.

But the questions is…

Are you a top agent?

I smiled.

But deep inside…

The other me was screaming….




I’m trying to help you.

And you’re just going to discredit me like that.


I simply said okay.

Six weeks later, my then boss awarded me top agent for Sales.

Jeffrey’s primary KPI.

I beat Jeffrey.

In his own game.

On a December.

On the month where the sales of most agents have gone down.

I also received the top Customer Service Feedback award that month.

I won.

Using the exact technique I told him.

I earned an extra 4k from the sales.

6k from the customer service incentive.

I received Sodexo (SM) gift certificates and free items with 2-4k that month.

Immediately after I received my award, I passed by his work station.

He told, me that “I always believed in you!!!”

We walked home together and reminded him about our conversation.

I told him about how I explained to him what I understand from Jeffrey’s technique and tried to teach it to him.

I reminded him about how he asked me if I was top agent for sales.

I simply ended the exchange.

I am now.

Thanks to Jeffrey.



Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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