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July 05, 2020 • written by

I used to believe that long sentences will always impress my teacher.

They did teach us compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences back in school.

That’s the main reason why I used to write long sentences.

I would write something like:

I believe that gamers have a huge advantage in the job market because gamers are patient due to the nature of games that we play because we all start at level one then begin playing and little by little we gain experience then level up and as you reach more levels you gain items and skills and you can, over time face bigger challenges and since gamers do this repetively over and over again, the mindset is ingrained in them and that applies to real life.

The sentence above is a bad example because this is difficult to read.

Sentences like these are difficult to write.

99% of the reason why you have a difficult time writing or composing is because you have to chain this complex sentence.

After writing three to five long sentences like these, I am exhausted.

This format has another giant problem.

The grammar errors are difficult to find.

Most importantly, this is difficult to say aloud without any high-level rapping skills.

It’s better to have more sentences with one idea.

It’s bad to have one sentence with a lot of ideas.

If you find your sentences consuming more than two lines, you should consider shortening it.

Ideally, I only use one line with one sentence.

As much as possible, I keep the length of my sentence to under one and a half lines.

Here’s how you shorten it.

I believe gamers have a huge advantage in the job market.

Gamers are patient because of the nature of games.

Gamers are used to starting games at level one.

You gain a little experience as you play.

When you play, you gain experience little by little.

After you gain experience, you level up.

You repeat the process, and you reach higher levels.

When your level is higher, you can take on bigger and bigger challenges.

The bigger your challenge, the more rewards you get.

You eventually repeat the process.

People who have played lots of games have this mindset ingrained in their attitude.

And this applies to work as well.

When you begin a task, you start at level one, so your performance isn’t very good.

As you gain more experience, you level up, and the task becomes more manageable.

When you reach a higher level, you can take on greater challenges.

You may have noticed that I ended up adding a few more ideas.

When you write in this format, putting your thoughts on paper becomes effortless.

It becomes easier to compose with shorter sentences.

After you shorten the long sentences, you can apply the read test.

Read your sentences aloud and listen to how it sounds.



I believe that people who go to the gym become smarter at their jobs because in the gym, you learn that your output is 100% dependent on your input and if you have a bad input like diet, sleep or exercise, you will perform poorly at the gym and eventually in your sport so I believe that people who go to the gym and do fairly well will be able to accomplish a lot at work because they can adjust their output by modifying their input and they also make incremental progress that will add up to big progress over time.

I believe people who watch anime are the best people to hire because in almost every anime, the main character starts out as a loser and because that person never gave up, he or she will learn skills and get allies that will assist him or her in becoming a better person and eventually complete the quest and I believe that this is exactly what is needed to succeed in your career, you have to never give up, learn skills and gain allies that can help you and if you apply all these lessons to real life, you can succeed in real life almost like an overpowered anime character.

I believe that people who practiced martial arts are the perfect employee because when a person learns martial arts, they start as a white belt and spend almost everyday practing drills to learn techniques and when the person learns martial arts, martial arts is intended to teach weak people how to effectvely compete with a strong person so what I’m going to do is to begin imitating the good habits of your top employees and eventually I will learn their techniques so I’ll be able to achieve the same results and help you accomplish great things in your company.

I’m exhausted.

TK EDIT: Please write more examples.

I believe that people who know how to bake will make good hires because they follow the rules of the recipe to the dot and I’m thinking that you can expect them to be obedient, consientious and disciplined, because there’s such a low margin for error in baking so if a person has been baking for a while and you try their pastry, you can expect them to be dependable and responsible and I know you want more people like that in your company.

People who know how to cook know more than one skill because to become an excelent cook, you need to be organized, you have to know how to slice meat and vegetables, you also need to know how to control temperature through the use of different kitchen gadgets and cookware so that you can follow a recipe that will give you a great dish and I know for a fact that people who can cook can apply these skills and disciplines to not just cooking but to any field.

Cyclists are excelent hires because as an activity, cycling requires a person to be positive and to keep both looking and moving forward to get anywhere and to do so you need to travel light, and be intelligent with your decision-making because bringing too much can ruin your cycling trip and I believe that when you hire cyclists, you’ll get

In order to become a successful parent, you need to be incredibly disciplined, cautious and conscientious, because one tiny mistake can result in a dead baby and if your goal is to have your child survive to adulthood, you tend to do anything and everything to ensure that that goal is fulfiled because failure means death, and as you know, parenting is not just one skill, you need to learn food prep, nutrition, you need to be good at cleaning, hygiene, anatomy, first aid and a bunch of other complex skills because one mistake is fatal and if someone can do all that, you can expect that parent to be responsible and dependable in their professional career.

People in sales are expected to be knowledgable in the product and to know how to market and sell the product and for them to do so they need to get used to talking to people, asking them questions, listening well so they can know about their motivations and offer their product or service effectively otherwise the sales person will have no sale and a lot of people who stay in sales are incredibly good at prospeting, qualifying, presenting and closing sales and even if they have to do a different job, you can expect them to be thourough, positive and persistent with what they do.

Note: A few hours after posting this lesson, we noticed a couple of more spelling errors in the bad examples.

I decided to leave that alone to prove the point.

When you write long sentences like these, it’s easy to miss mistakes that you wouldn’t normally miss when you use shorter sentences.

These long examples are painful to read huh?

That’s the point.

Practice writing shorter sentences.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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