Lessons From Mae of Malabon

May 26, 2019 • written by

A few years ago I met Mae from Malabon.

Her English is okay.

Sometimes her English was shit.

She was a top seller where I worked.

She told me that when she started, she couldn’t speak English.

She told me that she was the stereotypical pretty but dumb chick but she didn’t want to stay that way.

She wanted to become beauty and brains.

She said she wanted to become the practical kind of intelligent.

Despite all her disadvantages, she used her internet time to teach herself how to speak very well.

Or at least to pass conversations and sound smart.

She can pronounce every word on a script perfectly but can’t hold a long conversation so she talks about topics she is comfortable with and has several “baon” or prepared responses that she can say perfectly well.

She’ll ask questions or share a story that will end in you sharing your own story or experience to get the focus from her English to your English.

She told me that she watched You Tube videos and had read my website at one point of I remember correctly.

She learned by asking people who spoke in English well to correct her until she got it perfectly.

She didn’t care that people were laughing at her for her broken English.

She always responds “pano ba?”

Or “how can I say that properly?”

Whenever she made a mistake and noticed that people noticed her mistakes.

Our conversation gave me the idea to write every sentence in my script and responses down and ask myself on each one “how do I say this better?”

I’m amazed when I met her.

If she can do it, it told myself, anybody can do it.

I’m 100% convinced.

She’s not very intelligent.

But she had ambition.

She had a desire to succeed.

And she didn’t care about what other people thought.

Or said about her.

She has a negative reputation.

But she doesn’t give a fuck.

Her eyes are only fixed on her goal.

Your opinion doesn’t matter unless you’re genuinely helping her.

You just need the discipline and the drive.

For her it was was NEVER easy.

She had no choice but to earn call center money.

She is a teenage single mom who’s only a high school graduate from some unpopular school in Malabon.

During our time working together, she did better than me at every metric and KPI to the point that she inspired me to get better and level up my performance.

Because of her, for the first time in my life, I saw myself as an actual top performer.

Not by chance or by luck, but by my own efforts and the use of my intelligence.

She made me see that if someone like her can do it, I can do it.

I have ZERO excuses.

I just needed to apply what I learned to my job.

I needed to use my head.

I needed to think.

I needed to plan what to do and do it.

Even if many of the steps are uncomfortable.

I smiled and sounded happy all the time.

Even if I was depressed.

I stopped thinking about my depression for a bit.

Because I felt responsible for myself instead of blaming the world for my misfortune.

She showed me.

That you can do something.

Even if your situation is shit.

Even if people abandoned you.

One of the triggers of my depression is a partner left me.

But she has it worse.

There’s nothing worse than having a partner leaving you with a child you had to take care of for the rest of your life.

Spending time with her made it clear for me that I HAD NO EXCUSE TO SUCK AT MY JOB.

I never would have passed my regularization if it weren’t for her push and her sales tips.

And because I was trying my best to compete with her trying to catch up to her in the agent rankings I did really well.

She won most of the time.

But I won a couple of times.

I became top agent after a month.

Learning from her, I became top agent and customer feedback champion by using my sales skills to convince my customers of my alternate solutions and not get angry.

Eventually, after a year I became top agent for sales, using half the things I learned from her.

Mostly that you can have a shit situation but if you use your brain a little, even if you aren’t very intelligent, you can do well at work and make your life better.

I wrote this lesson to honor her and also to inspire you.

And because she owes me money.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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