Using God as a Lazy Answer

September 14, 2020 • written by

Here’s some back story before I offend you.

I’m a Christian.

If anyone asks me what religion or church to attend to make their lives better, I always recommend visiting a Christian church.

I’ve been teaching students privately for a year now.

I noticed something off with some of my Christian students.

They give “blind faith” answers instead of answering the question in the writing exercises.

I’m not against acknowledging God when it comes to the blessings that you received.

That’s good practice.

However, when you use “God” as your answer to conversations and skipping the actual answer, it becomes annoying and problematic.

The other problem is the person you’re speaking with was asking you for details.

Using “God” to answer questions like these is very much saying “basta” or “bahala na” or “pinalad ako” or “bahala ka sa buhay mo.”

When you use vague religious words like God, blessings, universe, purpose, happiness, it’s like saying…

“I don’t want to explain further.”

” Just be content of that one word or short phrase since many people find it acceptable.”

” It’s the norm.”

“It’s also how other people answer.”

“Learn to be satisfied my that answer, okay? “ – LOL.

Detailed Explanation:

You probably heard this statement.

God is everything.

Non-Christian friends do the same thing.

The only difference is they call God “the universe.”

This is lazy writing.

You’ll probably be judged as a “lazy thinker.”

In the Christian faith:

Kevin, why are you bringing up religion all of a sudden?

We tend to copy the people we see.

I wanted to warn you about habits you may have picked up from church and other religious people.

Before I explain further, here are some examples.

Question: I saw your Instagram post about your dinner last night. Where did you get your food?

Answer 1:

We had home-cooked hamburgers for dinner last night.

Dad bought the beef and other ingredients from the supermarket.

Mom prepared and cooked the hamburger.

According to the supermarket staff, the beef we bought was from Batangas.

Answer 2:

God provides our meals. Praise God.


What’s your family’s source of income?

Answer 1:

My dad works for an IT company.

He holds a business development position.

I had to Google what that means.

It turns out that it’s a form of sales.

Dad is responsible for getting clients for the company he works for.

My mom is a housewife.

Mom occasionally buys and sells stuff on the internet.

Mom has some design skills, so she sometimes takes jobs related to parties and events.

Answer 2:

God sends forth provision from the heavens. Praise God for providing all our needs.


What’s the story of how you got hired at your last job?

Answer 1:

I was really worried that I wouldn’t get hired.

I left my previous company on a sour note.

I had a disagreement with my supervisor.

We both said words that got us both emotional.

One exchange led to another.

I eventually got removed from the company.

For a few weeks, I felt paralyzed about sending job applications.

I was rejecting myself.

I kept saying there’s no point because nobody will hire a loser like me.

My friend kept encouraging me.

If the company doesn’t want to hire you, they’ll reject you.

There’s no point in rejecting yourself.

Even if I didn’t feel like it, I updated my resume and sent ten job applications a day.

I often sent job applications online because I felt ashamed of getting fired.

I sent anywhere from two hundred to three hundred job applications.

Out of three hundred job applications, I got an invitation to approximately twenty interviews.

I usually don’t perform well in my first five interviews.

I say something stupid, or I dwell on my mistakes in my past job.

The first five companies reject me immediately.

The second five companies also don’t become job offers.

I was sending more than three hundred job applications.

I didn’t have time to read everything.

I get to the office, and I realize that the location was too far.

I talk to the hiring manager and realize that the pay was too low.

I look around the office, and my gut tells me that I wouldn’t want to work there.

I do my best to pay attention to my surroundings.

I hear a boss screaming at his staff.

I hear coworkers bullying or badmouthing a coworker.

I see people’s faces, and their expression looks like they’re in hell.

I won’t work there.

I use the opportunity to practice delivering my highest asking.

For example, the pay at my last job is ₱25,000.

Usually, the next price people typically ask is ₱28,000-₱32,000.

I’ll ask my interviewer if they can afford to hire me for ₱35,000-40,000.

99% of the time, it doesn’t work.

But when it does, I automatically exceed my target income.

The next five interviews are great companies to work for.

Their budget is high enough to cover my acceptable target monthly income.

I seem to like the people working there.

I feel that I’ll like working there.

I pick the best job offer that I can get.

Answer 2:

God is my source. God provided all of my needs.

As you may have noticed, in a situation that requires details, steps, or explanation, the person who uses “God” as his answer can get away with one or two short sentences.

Using God in your answer for work-related questions is like answering a question with a command, “go to the library.”

Or “get educated.”

God is not the only word people use to be unspecific with their answers.

There are other words.

How much money do you want to earn? As long as it’s enough to fulfill my needs.

What is your dream job? I want to pursue my life’s purpose.

How do you want to spend your free time? I’d like to do things that make me happy.

What’s your goal for this year? For God’s will.

What conditions need to be met so you can consider yourself successful? As long as I please Him (referring to God).

I have a friend who’s a complete asshole.

I ask him, “where did you buy that?”

His answer is “from the store?”

I ask him again, “which store?”

His answer is “on planet earth.”

I wanted to punch him in the face.

If you’re going to answer God, blessing, purpose, passion, or happiness, you might as well say, “it’s a secret, and I don’t want to tell you.”

Or say, “I’m too lazy to think of an explanation.”

At least, that’s the truth.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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