How to Overcome Depression and Failure

September 04, 2020 • written by


Hi Sir sorry for disturbing you! This week I tried to apply into two BPO companies because I badly needed a job but I failed. They said I have potential but I have lack of confidence. And honestly It felt like, I’m loosing hope.


The first thing you need to do is get a job.

When you’re experiencing depression, there’s a stronger feeling of purposelessness.

You need a job and you need an income.

If you’re really out of money and you are still not qualified for call center, get whatever job that you can qualify for.

Work for a store or something because any job is better than no job.


You need do do the the writing exercises that we sent you.

You need to become comfortable writing about your problems.

When you write down your problems, you can find a clear solution.

90% of the time, depression is not depression.

Most people who are experiencing depression are experiencing a tough time in their life.

In other words, you have big life problems.

Many times it’s your fault.

Many times, it’s not your fault.

Your problems are big enough to feel depressed.

I don’t know your situation.

You have to write down the specific details of your problems.

You want to define the problem.

When the details are clear the next step becomes clear.

Written problems often have a visible and obvious weakspot.

Here are the most common problems that I encounter.

Do you have money?

Are you happy with the amount of money that you have under your control?

Are you eating healthy?

Are you getting a generous serving of fat and protein?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you sleeping more than 8 hours in the evening?

Are you exercising?

Do you have 30 minutes of physical activity every day?

Is your sleeping area neat and clean?

Is your living area neat and clean?

Do you have friends?

Are the people around you good influence or bad influence?

What harmful habits do you need to stop doing?

What good habits do you need to do but not doing?

The problem can be one of these.

The problem can be all of these.

If you don’t write down the problem, you won’t be able to figure out the solution.

As a result your life will get worse and worse as time goes by.

That’s because life is designed to get harder as you get older.

The people who don’t play well are left at the bottom.

When life sucks because you have so many problems, it’s going to feel identical as depression.

If you have genuine depression, you’ll need medication.

You’ll still need to confront your life problems.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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