How to Increase Willpower

March 02, 2015 • written by

Have you ever asked yourself if you have what it takes to stick to improving yourself enough to get hired in a call center?

Perhaps you’ve gone as far as thinking that there is something wrong with you and that you simply are not capable of changing just like everyone you see who succeeds.

The good news is there is nothing wrong with you.

You aren’t missing something in your brain that is needed to be successful.

You see, willpower is a limited resource and it is managed and conserved like a real limited resource.

If you’ve played video games will power is like your mana or stamina bar.

If you’ve never played video games will power is like your money or time.

You only have enough in a day to use.

Once it hits zero you have nothing else to use.

Decisions tend to be bad. When it comes to food you’re likely to grab the quickest and easiest and cheapest piece of junk food you can find at then nearest convenience store.

You’re also likely to slack around instead of doing work that matters?

What drains your willpower? In three words making conscious choices.

Every day we make conscious choices.

Every day, each choice we make reduces the amount of willpower we have so at the end of the day, we don’t have enough to do the things that matter.

This is the source of most failure.

When you wake up you have about 80% of willpower or much less.


That’s because you didn’t get enough sleep.

I tried going to sleep more than six hours a day and I unexpectedly ended up becoming top agent at my company in the next two months. -Kevin Olega

When you decide what you’re going to do for the rest of the day your willpower drops another 10% and when you decide what to wear you’ll lose another 5%-10% so by the time you begin you’ll have half the willpower or less.

Then you do your job.

By the time you’ve hit lunch break you’re out of willpower.

How can you improve yourself to learn skill?

1. Accept that will power is limited.

Accepting what you can’t do enables you to identify what you can do and what you can do well.

2. Make wise decisions in advanced.

Write a list of things you need to do everyday.

Write the time and do them first everyday.

If you want to improve your English.

Read a lesson first thing in a day.

3. Follow your checklist.

Just follow your own instructions.

If it’s on the paper do it.

4. Avoid small decisions.

I learned this lesson from Matt Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama.

These guys wear the same thing everyday to make as few decisions as possible.

Based on what they’ve accomplished, I believe they are doing something right.

5. Get enough sleep.

Based on experience less sleep leads to a shit day.

I regret not getting enough sleep because it lead to the break up that caused my several years-long depression.

It led to me making lots of shit decisions.

6. Stop eating garbage.

People might argue, it’s just junk food.

It’s not just junk food.

It’s garbage.

Stop eating it.

Eat more vegetables.

Eat better quality food.

Avoid excessive alcohol.

Feed your body the right food.

Google is your friend.

This is a job-hunting tips site I don’t need to explain here.

7. Observe your breathing.

Take a deep breath now.

Take another one.

Feels good doesn’t it?

We are asked to take breaths whenever we are angry or need to make a big decision.

Guess what, you don’t have to wait until you’re angry or need to make a big decision before you take a deep breath.

Try taking ten deep breaths now?

How do you feel?

Imagine having this feeling the whole day?

Do you get my point now?

8. Save your willpower for things that matter?

As I’ve said earlier.

Practice making decisions in advance and following through.

Don’t decide don’t leave yourself to making options and choices in the middle of something otherwise it will drain you of your willpower.

Follow the advice and you’ll be fine.

Ignore it and you’ll stay the way you are.

If you have questions on how to conserve willpower or how to get hired in a call center.

Send me a message.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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