How To Break Through Life Challenges

March 12, 2015 • written by

I often feel the pain of bumping into my limitations.

Depending on my mood, I either succumb or feel bad about the limitation or I stretch myself to get out of my comfort zone and achieve a breakthrough.

I don’t look at this area of my life often because I forget what I’m capable of.

Like most people I also hear comments that discourage and disempower.

Sometimes I believe them even if the opposite is true.

I argue with my dad a lot.

Sometimes it’s an exchange of scathing remarks.

Sometimes it’s just in my head.

I hate being a Christian.

Not because I hate Christ but because I hate the consistent arrival of pain.

Jesus preached a hardcore religion.

Turning the other cheek instead of getting revenge for every bit of pain you receive from others is more difficult than I imagined.

I didn’t sign up for this.

I sometimes tell myself.

But God promises that “His ways are higher than my ways and in His infinite understanding and my limited perception, God is always laboring for my good and benefit.

I genuinely believe that.

I also, embarrassingly, forget that fact very often.

This is a lesson to remind myself and on the side, I’d like to encourage you.

What is a breakthrough?

A breakthrough is a point where you achieve the result you are working for.

This may involve breaking through challenges and obstacles.

A breakthrough is a point where difficult situation turns effortless because of a lesson, realization or mastery of an activity.

How do you screw yourself up and get the opposite of a breakthrough?

Whenever you aim for something great, opposition seems to line up and go against you.

At this point, you have the option to continue or give up.

I learned in life that giving up is the point where you’re about to achieve your break through.

It’s always darkest before dawn.

It’s always hardest climbing the peak of the mountain but if you keep going you’ll get to the easier downhill part.

At the most difficult points of your challenge you have the option to keep going and achieve a breakthrough or you can break down and give up.

Breakdown is panic resulting from overwhelming amounts of emotion such as fear or despair.

Hopelessness follows shortly and making decisions you would tag stupid when you are emotionally stable would happen as a result.

How to achieve a breakthrough?

Instead of breaking down, pause.


I said pause.

When you pause you give yourself the space to think.

To evaluate your options.

Do I give up and breakdown or do I push forward and achieve a breakthrough?

Read this lesson again.

I’m not kidding.

Emotional highs whether negative or positive are bound to happen in life.

Just don’t let it get the best of you.

If anything is emotionally charged, let it push yourself forward.

If you’re emotionally charged to do something with negative consequences, pause.

Here are more tips.

- **Make things winnable **target something really small every day. If your goal is to get better at speaking, instead of forcing yourself to read, just write down a few lines and think of the best time to use it in a conversation.
- **Don't over commit** do as little as needed and never as much as possible. Start with the smallest thing and don't force yourself to speed up your progress. Always try to slow down. Speeding up often causes a waste in your resources and many missed opportunities. Slow progress is the key. If things get overwhelming slowdown.

What breakthrough’s are you praying for and working on this week?

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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