How To Get Hired In A Call Center If You Have No Money

May 21, 2014 • written by

How To Get Hired In A Call Center If You Have No Money

Dear Kevin,

I don’t have money but I want to get a job in a call center.

What is your advice?



Dear ihavenomoney,

If you can’t invest in your education yet my suggestion is that you work hard, wait and save up for it.

If you want to get value there is a price to pay.

I remember buying a cheap android phone that I ended up spending a lot of time and money on because it had problems and didn’t work as well as advertised.

I bought an iPad from the Apple store and had no complaints because I can do what I want to do and got value for the money.

I tried to get a lot of cheap gadgets but I realized that I wasted a lot of time looking around instead of just paying for it with money.

If you don’t have money yet, spend time practicing by yourself because lessons are available on the internet for free.

Start there.

This website is a good example.

There are others.

Google is your friend.

I do my best to put all the tips I can gather on this site.

I spend time and money to have my lessons available 24/7 as my investment to your success.

If you hire me you don’t actually pay for the lessons but you assist me with my expenses like transportation, phone bill and snacks.

If you have money and you are ready you can hire someone to help you.

You can pick me or somebody else that you trust.

If you have genuinely zero means right now, don’t push it yet.

That will lead you to disaster.

You need to prepare.

You need to be prepared.

There is a good chance that you won’t get hired in your first two or three applications and that’s okay.

It takes me sixteen interviews before I find a job that I’m willing to settle for.

If you’re fast you can do sixteen interviews in two weeks or so.

You’ll need to pay for transportation and food to get there.

Not unless you walk to your interview and don’t eat at all.

That won’t end well.

When you get hired you won’t get paid until after two to four weeks.

You need money to pay for food and transportation.

If you’re not ready then you will encounter problems.

If you need to pay for medical requirements or an NBI clearance that’s an extra two hundred bucks.

Plus transportation and food.

I’m not going to lie to you, things cost money.

If you don’t have money the good news is you can save up and pay for it later you just have to be patient.



Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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