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May 21, 2014 • written by

How to Never Run Out Of Job Opportunities by Learning How To Sell

You need to learn how to sell. When you sell, your message convinces another person to take a positive action.

People buy for two reasons.

To make a gain or to stop a pain.

You want to get a call center job to make money.

This reason is for you to gain something.

Maybe you’re bored with your job or you are not making enough money in your current job.

Your reasons then to take action is to stop the pain.

You need to find out the objective of your potential buyer.

Once you know the objective ask for the reason.

Once you know the reason take note of it then use it in your offer later.

Offer a solution by making a recommendation.

Explain to the customer why you recommended the solution based on his reasons.

I would go say something like:

Hey, you mentioned earlier that you wanted to make more money, I recommend getting a job in a call center because they offer a good salary package and some companies pay extra for good performance.

(To make a gain).

Hey you mentioned that you don’t like your job because you’re bored and you are not making enough money.

I recommend getting hired in a call center.

Call centers pay better and some companies pay extra for good performance.

You never have to worry about being bored or not making enough money when you work in a call center.

(To stop a pain)

People buy for their own reasons and not yours.

  1. Find the gain/pain
  2. Find the reason
  3. Offer your solution
  4. Explain the recommendation based on their reason.

This technique is also useful with landing a job.

Not just a call center job.

Any job that you want.

What kind of agents are they looking for?

Then offer your service and highlight your strengths based on your answer.

I’ll say something like: Given the accounts that you are hiring for at this time what traits does an agent need to have in order to do well in your company?

Alternatively you can do it like a pick-up line.

What traits do I need to have or improve in order to be a top performer at this company?

After they give you the reasons.

You say.

That’s good.

I’m already good at trait one trait two and trait three.

I need a little work with trait four.

But other than that I believe I’ll do really well after I learn the scripts and the process.

(Smile then shut up and wait for their answer)

If you follow this process I am confident that you’ll be able to sell your services well.

Trivia: companies prefer people with sales abilities.

If you become good at selling hiring managers would prefer you over candidates with higher educational credentials.

The reason for that is salespeople help the company make money.

You would want to keep people in your life that help you make money right?

The best salespeople are prized like gems so whether you go for an official sales career or a different skill learning to sell is simply learning how to communicate a benefit in such a way that they would be inspired to take action immediately.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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