Facebook Mistakes That Kill Job Applications

July 27, 2019 • written by

Not all companies have the time and resources to do a background check.

But we often do a Facebook check.

All it takes is three to five minutes.

We want to know if we can trust a person.

We want to know if the person who we’re considering to hire as a representative of our company isn’t doing

Use your REAL NAME

Use your real name.

It’s okay if you use a nickname for your first name.

Use your proper last name.

Reversing the spelling or using a fake name is a RED FLAG for us.

In case you’re encountering the words Red Flag for the first time, it’s a BIG sign that we should NOT trust you.

This lesson is intended to teach you what the red flags are on your Facebook Profile.

Use a decent profile photo that includes your face.

Avoid anime or non-human photos.

Avoid Group and Family Photos

Avoid topless photos.

Red Flag to Avoid: NO CONFIDENCE


Wear something nice.

Put your real school

Don’t say Harvard university.

Don’t say De La Salle University.

Don’t say Hogwarts, Kohoha, My Hero Academia or some other Fictional school.

Red Flag to Avoid: DISHONESTY

Put in your real work

Works at Facebook.

Works at Google.

Works Eh Di Sa Puso Mo.

Works at Krusty Crab.

Works at Fictional Company.


Be a professional with your Facebook posts

What kind of person are you on Facebook?

Do you have any rants, hate-speech, do you share memes or fake news?

Are you too political or religious online?

Is the information here truthful?

Red Flag to Avoid: BAD CHARACTER

This is all standard procedure.

We all have a bias.

And here’s the TRUTH.

If I’m hiring for our company.

We will be committing to pay the person a salary.

And I want to make sure I’m hiring a good person to represent our company.

If I am hiring for a company that I do not own, I’m extra careful because hiring the WRONG person will become a problem for me in the future.

And I get a bazillion warnings from the business owner about the consequence of hiring the wrong person.

Based on personal experience, here are examples of people who hide their identities on Facebook.

You know who else has inaccurate Facebook info?

People who apply and borrow money then go on AWOL in a call center.

  1. Edsil Pastoral borrowed money from us at the call center and left the company without notice. He has over 60k in debt to the employees of West Contact Services
  2. Jhonallyn “Yen” Manezze (admin) and Micah Nitura (trainer) who I worked with on the call center school got a Globe Plan with us and left without paying a few months after receiving the phone. They both owe me 5k each. They’re both invisible on Google and Facebook.
  3. I have a friend who doesn’t have a good relationship with former employers and uses Facebook under a fake name.
  4. I know someone who didn’t have a Facebook because he didn’t want his batch mates to find him and invite him to reunions. We’re 34 now. And for some reason when you’ve reached that age, you’re expected to have a level of success already. And he probably doesn’t. And doesn’t have anything he’s proud of. So he’s hiding.
  5. Zenette Hizon borrowed money from me. She disappeared and redid her Facebook account under her name.
  6. Gian Baylon borrowed money from me and never payed me back. Her current Facebook name is Andeng Elag Baylon. See the pattern?
  7. I know someone who changed his Facebook name because he’s trying to avoid the girl he got pregnant and wanted to avoid paying child support. And to avoid going to jail for not paying child support.

These are real people from personal experience.

And these personal experience will form the bias of how you will be judged in the hiring process.

A more experienced recruiter may have more examples.

And yes.

These are personal issues.

But as a company, we all want to hire good people.

So if you have these in your background and you’re hiding your identity on Facebook, then it will be difficult for you to find work.

Voluntarily facing the truth is the easiest way to solve your problems.

If your problem is your confidence, start putting your face on Facebook. If you don’t like your face, ask for help in getting a better photo or pay a professional photographer.

If your problem is your education, fix your educational background.

The truth is always the best answer.

If you have a problem with your old employers, you’ll need to face and fix that.

If you owe people money you’ll need to pay them back.

It’s silly that when you pray, you ask God for a blessing but have a history of STEALING from the people that God assigned to help you at your time of need.

If you have questionable posts on Facebook, take them down. Facebook and other social media channels are communication platforms.

Do not broadcast fake news or have religious debates on the internet.

It never convinces another person. And it makes YOU LOOK STUPID whenever you shout on Facebook.

And people screenshot your posts and use these for later use.

Keep things professional.

And avoid venting your emotions on a computer program.

If you want to build a bright future, you’ll need to fix your life.

You need to own up to your mistakes.

And make corrections.

If you fail or postpone doing that, your problems will keep getting bigger.

Until one day, your problem will become so big, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

And this is exactly end up in HELL while they are still ALIVE.


Make a review of your social media account.

Does your account look like the account of somebody who is professional?

Do you have the proper information?

What needs to be fixed?

What area do you hesitate to correct?

What is your problem about giving correct information?

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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