What will make you take/quit a job?

July 26, 2019 • written by

What factors are you considering when you apply for a job?

And what factors are you considering when quitting a job?

In my case, this is a personal thing.

So your answer may be different from mine.

What Factors Will Make You Want to Accept a Job Offer?

In my case, I like to work for reputable companies that pay well, pay on time and have opportunities for promotion and higher pay.

Most reputable call center companies have all these.

If I feel that I connected with the interviewer well.

I’ll tell them that I like the fact that other than spending time to “study the account” and the occasional mandatory overtime, Call Center work isn’t very demanding on the schedule.

I go to the office, do my job, and go home when the shift is over. I don’t have other obligations like taking a client out to dinner.

I can invest my extra time improving my life.

What factors will make you want to quit a company?

As for quitting the company.

I have a reputation for working well with my employer.

Sometimes it takes me longer to learn a few things.

In some situations, I consider myself to be a slow thinker.

But once I learn a skill or fully understand a process, I practice to the point of mastery.

I execute tasks with the efficiency of a fucking robot.

And this discovery delights my immediate supervisor and terrifies the supervisors of the other teams competing with us.

That being said, I want to make sure that the effort that I put into mastering the skill is compensated well.

I work hard to collect all bonuses and incentives.

I study my work in order to make generating my deliverables effortless for me.

And my first goal in getting acclimated to the work is to get comfortable executing my tasks every day.

When I’m earning the income, I spend my free time studying and honing my skills even further.

And when I’ve had enough comfort, I’ll be on a lookout for opportunities where I can earn more within the company first and when there’s no available option, I’ll look into other opportunities.

Warning about copying my answer

This is my honest answer.

And I’m not 100% it will get you the job but I’ve been using this to filter out companies that don’t pay or treat their employees very well.

Working for these companies usually put you at a disadvantage career-wise.


Write down your own answer to this question on your journal.

See if you can compose ten different versions of your answer.

What is the best version?

Are you confident enough to say this to an interviewer?

When you are ready, test the answer you came up with and see works for you.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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