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When you look for work, aside from passing interview and exams you’ll need to submit some pre emp

Pre-employment requirements are a common chore that needs to be done to finalize your job hunting process.

Items in a pre-employment checklist are often standard for most call centers and most jobs I’ve applied in.

In case it’s your first time to apply, or it’s your first time to apply in a long time here are some of the documents that you’d like to prepare in advance.

I took this list from a couple of my past employers.

I found some lists as I was cleaning up.

Primary requirements are often required immediately (usually the same week or the week) after hire date.

These are the Call Center Pre Employment Requirements in the Philippines

SSS Document E-1 / E-4 /E-6 dully received by SSS.

Any printout that came from SSS and has their full Name, SSS Number and Birthdate.

You can visit the SSS website to obtain this.

TIN Document.

Previous ITR/BIR 2316 or Stamped/Received BIR 1905/BIT 1902/ BIR2305.

You may visit BIR for more information.

NBI Clearance (original copy) .

In some situations, you can get this same day and in other situations, they require you to return after three days or so.

I recommend paying the extra 100 pesos to have it delivered. It will often cost you more than Php 200 if you’ll go back to just pick it up.

Police Clearance (original copy).

You just need to visit a nearby police station to obtain this.

Medical Exam.

This is often provided for free when you apply at reputable call centers.

Just ask the HR for details.

Pick up your stool and urine container and enjoy the experience.

Photocopy of ID’s.

Whenever you’re submitting photocopy be sure to include both front and back of the ID.

Samples of Primary ID’s include:

Samples of secondary Pre Employment requirements include.

Submit your information if you have any.

Birth Certificate.

I ordered mine online for 300 pesos I think.

Please visit the NSO website to order.

Dependent’s Birth Certificate

If you have the records on hand just submit.

If you don’t have any just order from NSO.

Certificate of Employment.

You can obtain this from the HR of your previous employer.

Tax Withheld Form/ITR.

For more information visit the BIR website.

1x1 or 2x2 photos.

I get mine from Tronix all the time.

It’s less than Php 80 pesos and you can find it at almost any SM or mall.

Some Technical Terms BIR 1902 form

For TIN application.

You’ll need to speak to the HR if you still don’t have a TIN number so you can register online.

BIR 1905 form. to transfer your records from your previous RDO to the current employer’s RDO. BIR 2305 form.

To update your employer information and tax status.

Some notes:

When you look for work here are some requirements that you need to obtain and submit.

I would encourage you to review the list so you can review the cost or the amount you need to prepare for your job application.

I recommend getting a job offer before worrying about this.

I often save about Php 3,000 extra on top of my job-hunting expenses to pay for requirements so I don’t get pressed for money whenever I need to switch.

If you’re looking for required skills in getting hired in a call center please visit this link.

Often you’ll be asked to undergo pre-employment medical examinations and the good call center companies will cover the expenses.

You will also need to secure your Philhealth MDR as well.

Requirements vary from company to company however these are the common minimum requirements.

Please inquire with your local HR for

Failure often leads to:

Don’t sweat it just google “how to get (insert requirement)” and you’ll find a site that has instructions. If you’ve ever taken a job with a company before, chances are you have undergone this process already.

I wish you the best in your job hunt.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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