A Day In The Life Of A Customer Service Representative

December 01, 2018 • written by

Start of Day

You wake up at night.

You commute to your job and arrive about 30 minutes before your schedule.

You freshen up and buy what you need from the store.

You set up your work station 15 minutes before your actual time.

You login and start working at your schedule and start taking calls.

Call Flow

Thank you for calling (company name) this is (your name).

You acknowledge your caller’s concern and reassure them that you’re there to assist them.

You ask clarifying questions about their concern.

You solve their problem.

You ask them if they need additional help.

You thank them for calling.

You repeat the process.


You have a lunch break and one or two short breaks.

You’ll probably take a nap instead of eating because you need extra energy.

Most good call centers have a proper sleeping area.

End of Day

You log out from your work station.

You use the rest room.

You go home.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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