How to Connect With Your Interviewer

December 01, 2018 • written by

This post doesn’t have an intro but the tips will help you get hired.

1. Do an inventory of topics you enjoy talking about.

Here’s mine:

I plan out each topic on a notebook and use when appropriate.

2. Have a story for each job or school that you went to.

I usually have one success story and a one unforgettable lesson story.

3. Sell your skills

Think of a non related skill that you have and think of a way to reason the skill to convince your interviewer that that skill makes you an awesome call center agent.

Sales experience allows you to explain important details well. Insert story.

Tech support allowed me to develop my eye for detail. Insert story.

Mall job allowed me to get used to rejection. Insert story.

4. Don’t read everything when applying online.

This allows me to send more job applications and get more interviews.

This also allows me to ask the interviewer questions.

What’s a typicall workday here?

What do you think are the common traits of people who excel at this job?

What’s the number one reason why a person would do poorly at this job?

What are your favorite perks or benefits of working here?

What’s the best place to eat here?

Are there any benefits to working here that’s not commonly known but you’re personally thankful for?

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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We may never meet but I'm happy I am able to contribute to your life through my writing.

Always remember that if I can do it, you can do it too.

Successful people are willing to experience temporary discomfort and do difficult activities that unsuccessful people are NOT willing to do so that they are able to build the life and enjoy benefits that unsuccessfull people will never have.

I am always praying for your success.