Phone Interview Tips for Call Center Applicants

June 19, 2020 • written by

If you sent your resume online, expect to receive a call for phone interviews.

Always Have Good Signal:

Know the spots with good signal and bad signal.

Stay away from spots with bad signal and have your interview where there is good signal.

READ: Good Signal.

Prepare a Quiet Place:

Go to a quiet place and answer your calls from there.

Let people know that you are expecting an interview and you will ask them to keep quiet or turn the TV or music down when you get a call.

READ: Quiet Place.

Activate Professional Mode

Brush your teeth and shower in the morning.

This activates your professional mode.

READ: Professional Mode

Practice your English stories.

Prepare your short intro.

Prepare your career story.

Your career story is about how you selected course in colllege and what happend until you got to your last job.

Prepare a story about lessons you learned.

Prepare a story about how you learned a professional skill.

Prepare a story about your good attitude.

Expect all unknown phone numbers to be your interviewer.

Answer the calls properly.

Say: Hello? May I know who this is?

Instead of: Hello sino to?

Speak loud and clear.

Make sure your posture is good with your eyes looking forward and your chin up.

If you look down, your voice is going to sound like you’re eating your words.

Take a deep breath and smile before you speak.

Project your voice and talk as if the person is on the far end of the room.

Ask Questions

Ask questions during the interview about the work conditions, the job offer, the location and skills that you need to prepare.

Ask about the biggest problems they encounter when they hire new people so you know what to avoid.

Ask for advice on what their best job applicants do to impress the interviewers.

Remember that phone interview is usually the earliest part of the process so there are more screenings later on.

Thank the interviewer for their time.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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