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June 20, 2020 • written by

If you’re sleep-deprived, hungover, and fueled by junk food, it isn’t easy to stay focused and professional.

Activating professional mode is essential if you are expecting an interview or working from home.

These tips are NOT new.

If you read carefully, these steps are the exact steps you naturally do before you go to the office.

If I’m just at home, and I DON’T do these steps, I naturally end up playing some stupid computer or mobile game or watching Netflix or YouTube the whole day.

If work-related tasks need to be completed that day, those tasks will be done poorly.

Each task will also be a hundred times harder because I need to fight procrastination the whole day.

This is a short checklist that makes sure that you activate your best self.

This is how you activate your natural professional mode.

If you do this, the work for the rest of your day will be effortless.

Get Good Sleep the Night Before

Get good sleep the night before because incomplete sleep usually results in slower reflex response and weak decision-making ability.

Brush Your Teeth And Shower In The Morning

If you work in an office, the routine has been to wake up and take a shower.

If you work from home or expect a phone interview, getting a shower and brushing your teeth activates a professional mindset.

If you skip this, the sloppy and lazy version of you who’s wearing sleepwear and has a carefree attitude will be the personality that activates.

Short Exercise Session

Do ten to twenty minutes of:

The blood flow from these movements wakes up the “smart” part of your brain.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Being at your best requires stable energy levels.

Instead of eating corn flakes and oatmeal, eat some meat and eggs.

Pray In The Morning

It doesn’t matter whom you pray to.

When you pray, you activate the part of your brain that is grateful, accountable, responsible, and committed.

READ: Pray In the Morning.

Tidy up and clean your living space

A messy room and a messy house kill your ability to stay professional.

If you are not practicing excellence, you are practicing sloppiness.

Professional Mode

If you struggle with your work and personal life, activate your professional mode by doing these steps.

If you skip these steps, your day and eventually your year will be miserable.

I know this from experience.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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