Call Center Exams

March 04, 2021 • written by

Call Center exams are easy.

Many call center exams are computer based.

Sometimes, the call center recuriter hands me a written exam.

The call center exams test you in several basic competencies.

Call center exams are so easy, I don’t talk about it in detail.

I’m confident that you’ll pass.

Here are examples of Call Center Exams:

Basic English Tests

I’ve encountered a reading and comprehension test.

You’ll read a short story and answer questions based on what you’ve read.

I’ve encountered simple grammar tests.

You’ll need to select the correct word to complete the sentence.

You’ll sometimes need to write the correct word to complete the sentence.

You’ll need to select and remove the incorrect words to complete the sentence.

You’ll need to arrange words to complete a sentence.

I recommend writing to further incorporate your grammar knowledge and as a result you know the answers intuitively.

I can’t recall grammar rules most of the time but I have successfully scored high enough to pass the call center English tests.

Please practice writing to improve your English.

This is a simple grammar test.

Take this and send me your scores.

Take this Grammar Test

Take this Listening Test

Take this quiz and tell me your score.

Take This Simple Business English Quiz

Take The Business English Test

Basic Math

Basic math tests are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

More advance math tests include percentages, fractions, and some problem solving.

How to Solve Problems:

  1. Write down the given.
  2. Decide on the formula that you’ll use.
  3. Solve the problem by:
  4. Write your answer.

I don’t recall many difficult math problems.

I find percentages and fractions challenging but I haven’t failed exams for missing the answers in percentages and fractions.

IQ Test

Intelligence is a key trait in many complex jobs.

There’s a minimum level of intelligence required for call center work.

Here’s a link to help you prepare for an IQ test.

Take This IQ Test

Read Instructions Carefully

Sometimes you’re asked to encircle, share, or write the letter of your answer.

Not following instructions is the main reason why a person gets eliminated from call center exams.

Half of the people that I’ve met usually fail call center exams because they didn’t follow instructions.

Typing Test

Typing speed is one of the basic tests in a call center.

Many call centers allow you to pass with a 20-30wpm (words per minute) typing speed.

Non-voice accounts require a higher typing speed.

However it’s always good to improve your typing speed because the faster you are at working the easier your job will be.

Click here to take a free typing test.

Customer Service Tests

Customer Service Test Link.

Personality Tests

Here are three of the most popular personality tests that companies use to determine your job fit.

[Click here to take the BIG 5 personality test]((

[Click here to take the BIG 5 personality test](((

[Click here to take the DISC personality test](((

Many of these call center tests are grade-school level tests.

Taking these call center exams requires reading, concenteration, and a little common sense.

Ocassionally, you’ll encounter difficult tests but that doesn’t happen very often.

You don’t need to worry about call center exams.

Take the exams on this page to prove that you can do it.

For updated links to the exams, please visit:

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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