What is a call center account?

April 30, 2019 • written by

I often get asked “What is a call center account?”

If you’re new to the call center or BPO industry it is one of the first few call center words that you will learn about.

In this short post we will discuss what a call center account is.

When you get hired in a call center, you will be doing work for your call center but you will also work for your account.

The call center account is “the client” that your call center company is serving.

Several companies who offer call center related work do not do outsourced work for their mother company. Many companies serve other companies and offer business process outsourcing ( ie call center related) work for them. An account is who the call center does business for or in other words the company you will be representing once you start to work there.

Here’s an example:

Say, you work as a customer service representative for a call center company called Sitel and their account is Apple Computers then when you answer your phone, you say “Thank you for calling Apple Computers!” instead of “Thank you for calling Sitel”. You are not employed by Apple Computer but you represent apple computer because they are your employer’s client.When you work in a call center, the company you represent to the end consumer is not always the same as your employer.

So remember:

In a call center, Account means your employer’s client that you represent.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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