Why Are College Graduates Better to Hire for Recruiters

November 29, 2018 • written by

Recruiters and business owners prefer to hire college graduates over high school graduates for the following reasons.

  1. Reads long hours. Most training materials are boring but if you finished college, you probably finished reading a lot of training materials.

  2. Reads and follows instructions. If you graduated, it probably means that you know how to read and follow instructions.

  3. Their communication skills have already been tested. You need to do reports, participate in discussions and defend your thesis.

  4. Paid for education. They know that upgrades costs money and have a higher return. They paid for books and a class.

  5. They are expected to be punctual and professional, otherwise they would fail college.

  6. They are more intelligent overall.

If you didn’t finish college, you can just look at this list and add this to your goals.

Read long hours. Study and improve yourself.

Instructions are the number one reason why people fail call center applications. Practice paying attention to and understanding instructions.

Test your communication skills. Practice writing and talking to people.

Pay for your education. Buy books and online classes.

Be punctual and professional.

Keep improving yourself.

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