Cellphone Test

November 25, 2018 • written by

Before smartphones, most cellphones phones are extremely different.

Some have really good cameras, batteries, speakers etc.

So I ask people about their phone as a conversation starter.

What’s the name of your phone?

What’s your favorite feature?

Why do you like that phone?

What’s the story of how you bought or got that phone?

What do you not like about that phone?

Would you recommend that phone to me? Why or why not?

If you’re going to buy another phone, would you buy the same phone or something else?

What phone would you like to buy?

Why would you like to buy that phone?

Most people give me really give me detailed answers. People are really proud of their phones. These days there’s only iPhones and Android and there are cheap, mid and expensive Android phones. There’s little to talk about. But then again you can still answer the questions. So let’s do that.

Tell me about your phone by asking the above questions.

When you’re done let’s try applying these questions to another item you own. It can be anything. A computer, a kitchen gadget or whatever. Be creative. If you ask me I’ll probably talk about my bike or one of my kitchen gadgets.

Finally after hearing the answer people who say they have nothing to talk about have a lot to talk about with me.

So the good thing is people know about their phones. The other good thing is you can use the same questions on yourself and when you’re done writing your answers, you have an idea on how to answer any interview question you may encounter. So the previous two activities are preparation for this one.

Start answering the above questions but instead of talking about your phone or item you’ll be talking about yourself.


You may send your answers to Callcentertrainingtips@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to check your answers when I’m logged in.

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