How To Lose Weight While Working in a Call Center

August 22, 2019 • written by

This is one of my most judgemental posts.

If you’re not trying to fix your life, then this post will only insult you.

If you’re trying to make your life better, everything I say here…

Will hurt at first.

But everything I say is the TRUTH.

Many people get fat in a call center.

Some people who are slightly overweight end up becoming morbidly obese.

I had a coworker who gets multiple salary deductions for breaking call center office chairs.

If you’re the type of person with ZERO discipline and low self-esteem, then the money you earn from call centers is a recipe of disaster.

If you can afford most creature comforts, it’s easy to never get enough sleep, smoke your lungs dry,

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep ruins your ability to make decisions.

You lose your discipline and you also lose more than half your skills.

Stop Consuming Sugar

Sugar is addictive.

Sugar is also making you fat.

Stop Consuming Alcohol

Alcohol has a lot of sugar.

Alcohol ruins your decision making ability while you’re awake.

Alcohol also ruins your ability to sleep.

Stop Consuming Liquid Calories

Liquid calories goes straight to your bloodstream.

Fruit juice has more sugar than soda.

Milk has an extreme amount of calories.

And most liquid drinks are sugar filled so you’ll keep drinking it.

Stop Consuming Carbs

Eating fat won’t make you fat.

Unfortunately eating carbohydrates will make you fat.

Both simple and complex carbohydrates are incredibly harmful.

Stop Consuming Fruits

Fruits are mostly sugar.

Here’s an article about how fruits damage your health.

Enough said.

Stop Consuming Vegetables

Vegetables aren’t filling.

Vegetables aren’t necessary for good health.

Eat More Beef

Beef is the most nutritionally dense food available for humans.

Beef is the cheapest food source because it does not require extra ingredients to fill you.

Start Exercising

Exercise will not directly help you lose weight but teaches you a lot of good habits that will help you develop discipline and self control.

Your body will also develop better decision making abilities.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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