Ten tips on How to Get Hired in a Call Center This Week

June 11, 2019 • written by

I wrote tips on this website to help a few friends look for work in a call center.

Later on more people asked me for tips.

Instead of explaining things to them one by one I decided it would be better if I put the advice in writing and answered questions on this website.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but I believe I have a few that could help.

I believe in your ability that’s why I don’t spoon feed you all the time and I’m asking you to take action and tell me as soon as you get hired.

If you were to ask me how to get hired in a call center here are the ten usual tips I give my friends:

1. Print thirty copies of your resume.

The application process is a process.

You will win some and lose some.

That’s part of it.

Have several copies of your resume to remind yourself that it takes several attempts to land a job.

An interview is like a first date.

That said you don’t want to marry your first date.

You have to go look for a match.

If it is not a good match, you need to go on another date.

You keep going on dates until you find someone you like.

You also have to get to several dates before you find your regular date and the one you’ll eventually pair up with.

On a lighter note, you have no right to complain until after you have used up all thirty copies of your resume.

2. Identify ten call center companies that you would like to work for.

People don’t plan to fail.

They fail because they fail to plan.

The biggest time-waster is not knowing what to do and trying to decide as you’re about to do it.

Decide now where you want to go and then act.

So when you’re applying in a call center job and you get rejected, you can go to the next company quickly.

In my experience the more companies I have as prospects the more at ease I am at interviews because I know that if this interview does not go well I have many companies lined up as backups and waiting for me to apply.

In my mind, when I talk to the interviewer, you are one of thirty.

(In reference to the thirty resumes that I printed out.)

3. Apply via walk-in application.

Feel free to apply online.

I like this step because I like being in control of my schedule.

If things don’t go well with my interview I walk into the nearest one I know of.

Walking in is more convenient.

In Metro Manila, there are many call center companies with giant signs everywhere.

It is easy to just drop in.

I just go to a company.

I tell the guard I’d like to apply.

I submit my resume and get processed there and then.

I am never late because they are not expecting me anyway.

If I fail.

There are more.

Several companies are usually next to each other.

Northgate Alabang.

Ayala Makati.

Buendia Makati.


UP Technohub in Quezon City.

SM Mall of Asia in Pasay.

These places have at least three call center companies that you can visit.

Just give it a shot.

Who knows?

Your interviewer might like you.

And you will get hired immediately.

You might fail the first one.

Learn a very important lesson.

And get hired in the next one.

4. Know yourself.

I’m me and you’re you so there’s no point in trying to be me just to get a job.

I believe you have something great to offer.

Make a list of your accomplishments, things you’re proud of, recent compliments etc.

Knowing these in advance before they ask you can give you a better answer when needing to answer the question “Why should I hire you?”

5. Know how to answer questions.

I don’t recommend memorizing answers but I do recommend knowing your answers in advance.

Be creative and unforgettable.

I wrote some examples on how to answer call center interview questions on my website.

Recruiters are human.

They are harmless but just as girls don’t fall for cheesy pick up lines as they do in the movies memorized interview answers don’t work.

Using memorized answers and pick-up lines scream that you don’t have any confidence.

6. Be confident.

When you know yourself and you know why they should hire you then confidence will come out.

Confidence affects skill level so make sure it’s high and your performance level will be high as well.

You can be confident by knowing your positive traits.

You also need to face all your negative traits and have a plan on how to fix them.

That’s the main reason why I recommend journaling.

7. Speak in English.

Why does a call center company pay you higher than a local company?

That’s because you will be working for foreign companies.

The customers that you will be speaking with are American.

Do well at this job, it would be best if you can sound like an American.

Basic English is a good start, but you also need to have an attitude that you need to keep practicing and improving.

Your skills are NOT FIXED.

You can get better.

You can improve.

Call center companies are hiring you because of your ability to solve problems and speak well in English.

I know that you can do it.

Just practice.

Need additional help?

Try celebrity mode (imitating your favorite celebrity) or go sossy mode (imitating your favorite fictional/real-life boss).

8. Learn from your experience.

Sometimes getting hired is like a puzzle you need to learn to solve.

If things don’t go well maybe you don’t have all the pieces you need to win and that’s okay.

Learn and pick-up better tools as you move forward.

Eventually, you’ll get it and looking for work will be effortless.

It is for me.

16 Interviews and I get a 5,000-10,000 peso pay increase.

You can collect that sweet, sweet call center money too.

9. Smile and give it your best shot.

A smile can be heard over the phone.

A smile shows confidence.

A smile puts the other person at ease.

A smile feels good and puts you at ease.

A smile starts bonds.

A smile is a proof of having a bond.

A smile can help you because I can’t teach you how to give your best shot.

All I know is I don’t have to convince you to smile.

In my experience, my best shot starts with a smile.

10. Enjoy it.

Make it a game and you’ll have fun.

Want to win but don’t be afraid of losing.

Conquer defeat by taking more shots.

Make friends.

Learn and when you get hired earn.

When you do send me a can of beer or wine or whatever.

I’m looking forward to congratulating you.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know about your experience by sending me an email.

Have questions?

I answer every time I log in.

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