Tell Your Interviewer Amazing Stories That Make You Stand Out This Resume Exercise Teaches You How

April 29, 2014 • written by

Look at your resume and for each section.

Tell a story about what’s awesome about (specific work experience)

Tell a story about what sucks about (same specific work experience)

What have you learned from (specific work experience)

What did you learn from (specific work experience) that would greatly contribute to you your job now?

Apply this exercise to each section including the details.

Your home address, your school, from elementary to high school to college, the people in your reference.

Practice telling these stories.

What’s the point?

Ever want to come up with awesome answers to call center interviews?

The kind of answers that keep your interviewer focused on you and wanting more?

If you look at the Internet and copy the answers from others then there is a good chance that your interviewer had heard of that from somewhere before and it makes you a copying fake.

I’m confident my answers are pretty awesome but you know what?

So are your answers.

You can’t tell my stories because they are not your life experiences.

Your stories are even more awesome.

In fact, I would like to hear them.


I enjoy reading every story I get in the email, the comments and in the Facebook page of the website.

Here are additional tips

Tell the stories again and again and check yourself for grammar and pronunciation errors.

Write it down.

Read it.

Record it.

Listen to yourself.

Does it need to be longer or shorter?

Will it catch their attention?

Does this story say that I’m a good catch?

What other stories can I share?

I have now passed on one of my important techniques.

So go ahead and practice it and use it well.

You don’t need to memorize the stories.

You just need to know them in advance so you are ready to use them whenever the situation calls for it.

Stories are proof.

Stories are the closest things to prove that you are a great catch.

Share your stories here with me as well.

I look forward to reading your amazing stories.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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