Are You a Team Player?

July 31, 2019 • written by

Are you the type of person who faces all your life challenges alone?

Maybe you feel superior.

Maybe you feel you’re smarter.

Maybe you feel you’re good looking.

Maybe you have some “secret advantage” up your sleeve.

If you’re under 35.

Then chances are…

YOU, my friend, are probably wrong.

No matter how good you are…


And that’s a fact.

My martial arts teacher taught me that somewhere out there.

If I am not training.

That other person is training.

And when we meet…

That person will win.

And I will be dead.

If you’re actually training.

Then good job.

And if you’re going at it alone, you have an even bigger problem.

Let me try to explain by giving you an example.

The financial market is an extremely competitive game.

How to Win in an Unfair Job Market

And in order to win, less powerful and less intelligent players have teamed up in order to combine their strengths and use their numbers to beat strong solo players.

In business and investments, the players who venture as a team have defeated and DESTROYED most strong solo players

The people who make it big are the people with a team.

There are many names for these teams.

The popular names include corporations, businesses and companies.

Alone, a finger is weak.

But together, it can build a fist.

Or wield powerful tools.

Teamwork is Not Cheating

This is not limited to Business and Investments.

This also applies to all the different professions.

The top people in showbiz have a manager, producer, coach, make up artist, hair stylist, and whatever else.

Top musicians have a manager and marketing officers to promote their band or group.

Manny Pacquiao has a coach and several training partners.

The people…

Who make it to the top…

Didn’t get there alone.

And the people who lost their careers had nobody to support them.

So they didn’t make it.

Everything Important Has a 99% Failure Rate

99% of businesses fail.

99% of professionals retire without enough money.

99% of people don’t survive call center work for over two years.

99% of job applications are unsuccessful.

Benefits of Having a Team To Support You

Having a team will allow you to go further than you can alone.

Great stories are stories of people who overcame challenges together.

People who don’t play well with others don’t often get to keep your job.

My coach taught me that if you want to go fast, go alone.

But if you want to go far, bring a team along.

You’re not at 100% capacity 100% of the time.

You’ll get discouraged.

You’ll fail.

You’ll get depressed.

You’ll make mistakes.

But if it’s just you, you’re likely going to give up.

And settle into low paying jobs.

Filipino Pride Fail

99% of Filipinos stuck in low paying jobs are solo players.

They go alone, and their career gets killed by stronger players.

Or usually taken over by teams.

When you are looking for work, you are evaluated based on how well you can fit in with the team.

Many Filipinos are depending on winning the lottery for financial breaks.

We both know that’s not a very intelligent strategy.

But here’s the thing.

If you’re not very intelligent, you need to team up with someone who is.

Because chances are, 99% of your worst mistakes HAVE A SOLUTION.

Having another person on your team who has experience can teach you what to do in the moment that you fail.

And set your perspective straight.

A guide who has experience with what you’re trying to do can save you a lot of heartache.

How to Choose a Winning Team Who Won’t Take Advantage of You

If a team is offering you 100% free and no strings attached you are probably being taken advantaged of.

I believe that many Call Center Training offered by recruitment companies are scams because they are actually recruitment activities disguised as training so they can refer people who can be hired with little to no effort.

If you enter a room and you don’t know who’s the sucker, then you’re the sucker.

How I Team Up With You

I have hundreds of people messaging me in a week.

If you want to team up with me.

Then I want our relationship to be one of “mutual benefit.”

That means, you get something…

And I get something.

I want you to voluntarily make a contribution to my team.

I’m not forcing you.

I only want to work with people who are sincere.

And committed to making their life better.

A team is only useful if we work together.

If I’m only getting from you then…

That’s not very good…

Because you won’t contribute to me long term.

And in the same way…

If you are only taking from me…

And NOT making a contribution…

I won’t be very happy to help you in the future.

I want a relationship where I’ll support you, and you’ll support me and we’ll win together.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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