How To Sound Smarter When You Answer Questions

May 09, 2013 • written by

I noticed a few techniques that people I look up to have in their conversations.

I also noticed that whenever I used these techniques I sound smarter and give better answers.

These techniques are useful in interview situations, everyday questions and call center work. 

Here are some of the things I learned and apply so far.

Verify and rephrase the question before you begin to answer questions.

It’s easy to misinterpret, mishear or misunderstand questions.

A common mistake job hunters have is that they have interview answers ready for most interview questions.

As a result, without listening to the question properly we sometimes give a full (but wrong answer) by mistake.

This had happened to me a few times.

My interviewer was totally talking about a different situation than what I understood about the question and as a result my interviewer pointed out that I didn’t understand the question.

What will happen if I verify and rephrase?

You demonstrate professionalism and listening skills.

The question becomes clear and understood.

Better answers are thought of because you have more time to think.

You can also use it to avoid looking stupid (or lying) when you use uhmms and uhhhh’s.

How do I verify and rephrase?

Before I answer a question I ask them if I got the question correctly and to make sure I got it correctly I rephrase the question.

So you’re asking me about myself. Would you want me to start with something random about myself (If random I give a bit about my background then focus on work) or with my work experience?

I don’t use the same technique on all the questions but I do end up using it a few times especially when I’m answering a question I’m not prepared to answer.

Sometimes I end up brainstorming the answer by asking the interviewer clarifying questions.

Well the advertisement says the salary is around (amount). Can you tell me more about the packages offered?

Acknowledge the question by telling them how you feel about the question to avoid sounding like a robot.

That’s an interesting/difficult question. Wow it’s the first time I’ve had to think about that.

Stall when you need to but don’t do this often.

Let me think about that for a moment/minute. Let me organize my thoughts/words for a bit.

Buy yourself more time by giving an introduction to your answer.

The answer at the top of my head is… Let me start by… In my opinion… (Rephrased question) is…

Correct yourself  when you notice an error or think of a better answer.

What I meant to say is… Let me try to explain that more clearly…

When answering interview questions, it’s hard to know where to start.

Random answers are unreliable because they are random and it’s not wise to put your answers and job to fate.

I hope these techniques will help you with your interviews.

Do you have an effective interview technique that you use?

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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